5 Essential Apps for Any Student

You've certainly noticed how much students have been affected throughout this pandemic, haven't you? Without any motivation to continue with their studies, many stopped caring, which ended up causing a significant drop in their grades and, consequently, learning was brutally downgraded.


However, it is important to always make it clear that at some point the pandemic will end and everything will return to normal, so we need to be prepared for this moment. That is, in order for us to carry on with our ordinary lives, it is necessary to be up to date with our obligations, including our studies.

Therefore, we suggest that you continue reading and checking all the content that this brief and explanatory article has to offer, because here, we show you five applications that are essential for any student, so that they can maintain not only a good level of learning, but productivity and, consequently, motivation.

Essential Apps for Any Student -1 ReviewApp

The first application alternative that we have to present to you is also one of the most interesting in this entire article.


If you need to revise, or even learn from scratch certain content in a short period of time, without having to spend hours and hours reading complex texts and watching different video lessons, the platform that we suggest you have on your smartphone is RevisApp.

Being available for installation on all smartphones whose server can be both Android and IOS, the app in question is responsible for offering a brief summary of certain content and also questions about it, from the most varied disciplines, such as:

  • Mathematics;
  • Natural sciences;
  • Language;
  • Human sciences;
  • Essay.

As you consult the summaries and solve the questions, new content will be released, making you not only more motivated, but also with an increasingly better performance.

It is worth emphasizing that the repertoire of topics addressed in such an application is valid for both elementary and high school students, as well as for those who want to attend an entrance exam or contest.

2 QTenders

As you can tell by the name of such an application, it is mainly aimed at people who are preparing for a contest. However, the same can still be valid for those who are already in their graduation, or preparing for college entrance exams.

The best thing about this application is that you have access not only to the most relevant content, but also to a space for organization.

That is, with the same, in addition to being able to save the content already learned and reviewed and also to solve questions about it, you can also create your own study notebooks, which makes your learning much more productive.

It is worth mentioning that the platform in question, which has a simple and intuitive interface, is completely free, both in terms of installation and use.

3 Easy Study

In third place on our list of essential apps for any student, we have “Easy Study”, a platform that will significantly increase your productivity.

And the reason such an application makes you so productive is for the simple fact that it is a schedule of all your study.

That is, with it, you can simply present which subjects you should learn/review and also how many you want to study each day, so that the platform can determine at what times you should dedicate yourself to studying.

The most interesting thing is that with such an app, you will be unable to let your assignments as well as revisions and studies pile up.

Among the app's other features, we can highlight the fact that it carries a history of how many hours you studied in the day and also notifies you of something you still need to study.

Essential Apps for Any Student – 4 How to study

Continuing our list, we now have an app that literally teaches you how to study.

Through this platform, you have access to several tips on how you can not only study, but also make your day more productive.

Briefly presenting how this platform works, we can say that it has an explanation for each of the following topics:

  • Better study methods;
  • How to stay focused on studies;
  • How to avoid procrastination;
  • How to make a summary;
  • How to be more productive in studies;
  • How not to forget what you studied;
  • How to stay motivated to study;
  • How to create a study plan;
  • How to stay organized.

5 Duolingo

To conclude this article, all that remains is to talk a little about Duolingo, an application that is well known among those who want to learn a new language.

With it, you have access not only to a complex vocabulary, but also a bit of contact with the four essential skills to achieve fluency, which are: speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Some of the languages that this app teaches in addition to English are:

  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • German;
  • Esperanto.