Aid 2022 – Learn more about Aid Inclusion and other benefits

Surely you have already heard about a aid 2022. Not only Emergency Aid, but also other types of government benefits, which will be paid this year. Just to give an example, we will talk a lot about “Inclusion Aid”.


Undeniably, we can include this as one of the main benefits offered by the government, however, it is among one of the most unknown. Therefore, we will do our best to provide as much information as possible.

It is likely that the Inclusion Aid will be the best 2021 aid to consider from now on. Above all, we want you to get a lot out of reading. Stay up to date and find out more. Good reading.

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Some information about the number of people with disabilities in Brazil 

The number of people who have some type of disability in Brazil is certainly high. Therefore, when it comes to aid in 2022, we must all pay attention. Not only for common aid such as PIS, but also for Inclusion Aid.


Just to give an example, in Brazil there are currently more than 45 million people in this situation. Furthermore, it is important to know that, in elderly people (over 60 years old), the number is 1 in every 4 people. This is very relevant data.

Consequently, there is a concern on the part of the government to provide these people with a benefit that meets their needs. Without a doubt, you will agree that Inclusion Aid fits perfectly into this situation, right?

How does this benefit aimed at people with disabilities work?

Firstly, it is important to know that this benefit began to be paid in October 2021. Mainly, it is important to know that it benefits those who receive or have received the BPC – Continuous Payment Benefit. 

Secondly, the amount available to people with disabilities is R$ 550.00. The amount is equivalent to half the minimum wage. Certainly, it is a reasonable amount offered as a complement to all the inclusion efforts that the government is already making. 

Thirdly, it is very important to know who is entitled to receive it and how to do this. Mainly, if you are part of this number of people or know someone who is. Share this information whenever you can.

Who is entitled to 2022 aid aimed at the inclusion of people with disabilities?

Firstly, know that all elderly people and current or former beneficiaries of the BPC have a formal contract. After all, we are talking about a program to encourage the reduction of public spending on payment of social benefits. 

The moment a person starts a formal job, they begin to receive this benefit as a way of supplementing their current income. Furthermore, these amounts add up, which makes this 2022 aid spectacular.

Certainly some criteria must be observed. Mainly, only people who have a monthly income of a maximum of 2 minimum wages will receive the Inclusion Aid benefit. See other important criteria:

  • Just to give an example, only those who are already registered with the INSS as dependent on the BPC will receive the Inclusion Aid benefit.
  • To be a beneficiary with the right to receive Inclusion Aid, you must be registered and also have your data updated in the Single Registry for all Government social programs.
  • It is also necessary that the CPF is regularly regularized and that the person meets the conditions relating to maintaining the BPC, mainly regarding family income. 

What are the advantages generated by this new benefit from the Federal Government?

Certainly you, like us, must have an opinion about the benefits that the Federal Government offers, especially the 2022 aid aimed at people with disabilities. We think he will help a lot going forward. 

First of all, it will help people with disabilities to formally enter the job market! And not just people, but also companies that manage to meet the mandatory quotas for people with disabilities.

Therefore, we believe that everyone benefits from making these benefits available. Additionally, see below how people can do so to receive this benefit, which has been available for a few months.

How to receive 2022 aid for people with disabilities?

Surely you know the application “My INSS”. It is available in your Google Play Store app store, and also in the App Store. This way, it can be downloaded on iPhone and Android cell phones.

Likewise, you can request the benefit not only through the app, but also through other INSS service channels, such as the internet, channel 135 or at one of the in-person service points.

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Very good! Once you've come this far, you undeniably already have a lot of information about the 2022 aid called Inclusion Aid. So, make good use of this information. We wish you good luck. See you soon.