Amazon Prime Christmas Movies – Watch the Best Movies

You will definitely want to watch the best Amazon Prime Christmas movies at home, with your family, with your friends or with the love of your life, or even, perhaps, alone using your cell phone.


After all, this is a time of great celebration, drinks, food, exchanging gifts, traveling, seeing family, etc. However, a human being doesn't live on that alone and there are times when it's good to relax.

And what better way to do that than by watching good Christmas movies on Amazon Prime? You will see that we have prepared for you a list of fantastic films that will make you happy this end of the year. Read this article until the end and learn more about them.

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Discover 3 incredible options that will get you excited this Christmas season

One of the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime is the classic released in 2006 called “Love doesn't take a vacation”, which takes place during Christmas time where two friends change houses and find new loves. It's just beautiful and fun.


“A Golden Christmas” is another sensational option to get you into the Christmas spirit with lots of love. Not just the love between a man and a woman, but also with the participation of a smart and wonderful dog. It's worth watching.

As 3rd. As an option, we suggest “The Christmas Foal” which, like the film above, features horses and the love that unites us with them. This story of love and affection takes place at Christmas time, where feelings are on the surface. You will love it, we are sure!

Options 4, 5 and 6 of Christmas films so you don't take your eyes off the screen

As the 4th option for Amazon Prime Christmas movies, we bring “A Hope for Christmas”. A wonderful film that talks about faith, hope and love involving a single mother and her daughter being blessed in their lives through the help of a stranger.

Our fifth suggestion for you is a mix of the lives of 9 different people, whose events, filled with laughter, tears, love and affection, reach their peak exactly on Christmas Eve. The film is called “Simply Love”. Very suggestive.

“Surviving Christmas” is our sixth bet on films for your Christmas parties. It tells a very different story where a rich man hires a family to be “his family” during Christmas. But nothing will be that simple. Don't miss it. It is very cool!

You will simply love tips number 7, 8 and 9. Want to bet?

As the seventh option for Amazon Prime Christmas films, we suggest “A Brilliant Christmas”. Traditional celebrations of a family that loves Christmas are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of a new neighbor. Fun times are expected here. Watch!

Our eighth bet for you to fall in love with Christmas films is “Coming Home”. A love story that doesn't work out when it comes to a man and a woman, but shows us that family is always our foundation. Get ready for emotion and love.

Option number 9 that we bring to you is the film “A Sweet Christmas”. A love story that portrays the life of a young woman who, when she thinks she is unlucky in love, discovers that in reality she is very lucky. Love and Christmas: the perfect combination!

Discover other very good Christmas movie options on Amazon Prime

Of course, with the options listed above, you already have a lot to watch while taking a break between one celebration and another. In bed, on the couch, walking on the treadmill or pedaling a bike at the gym. No matter where.

Anywhere, anytime, with anyone or even alone, you can be sure that fun and entertainment will be guaranteed. For your part, just prepare the popcorn and soda.

We will leave other Amazon Prime Christmas movie options below for you to enjoy, enjoy your holidays and recharge your batteries. Prepare to laugh a lot or cry, if you are soft-hearted. Check out what they are below:

  1. A Merry Christmas, Christmas Reunion and Surviving the Holidays with Relatives.
  2. A Connection for Christmas and At Home for Christmas Day.
  3. Christmas in Evergreen and A Winter of Dreams.
  4. Christmas at Holly Lodge and A Christmas Journey.
  5. Christmas in the Rockies and The Christmas Train.
  6. Miss Christmas, Dr. Seuss' The Grinch and Mariah Carey – Christmas Wish.

Use the app to watch Amazon Prime Christmas movies

That's right! With the app “Amazon Prime Video” you can watch all of the options above and much more, using your cell phone. Literally, you have the best Amazon Prime Christmas movies “in the palm of your hand”.

The app can be downloaded for free and works on Android phones and iPhones. To download it, you must go to your Google Play Store (if your cell phone is Android) or App Store (if your cell phone is iPhone).

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Then just find it inside the store by typing the name and download. And ready! From there, just enjoy everything the app offers you. We hope you enjoyed the movie tips above and that you have fun and celebrate the end of year festivities. See you soon.