Animate Face in Photo – Discover the app that brings your photos to life

What do you think about downloading an application that can animate face in photo? Have you ever heard of something like this or seen a photo that was animated by it? We found this topic very interesting and we think you will like it too.


After all, who among us doesn't have family photos that are very old or even a photo in which our face doesn't look so pretty? We all have them, so the possibility of being able to correct or encourage them is exciting.

Downloading an application on your smartphone that allows you to animate a face in a photo is the order of the day, right? So, read this article until the end and find out everything about this app that is making people talk right now. Good reading.

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You will feel like you are in a magical world

When talking about animating faces in photos, we can remember some very old horror films where we saw the protagonists, especially scared girls walking through the corridors of a large house. And guess what happened?


Generally, in these corridors there were a lot of old photos in which the girl looked scared and, under a soundtrack that caused goosebumps, right after the girl passed through the photos or looked in another direction, her eyes moved.

This effect, in other ancient times, used to inspire terror in those who watched, gained new life and much more impactful effects in a world considered magical, surrounded by wizards and witches. Can you guess where we're going?

Animating a face in a photo looks like something from Harry Potter

Of course, you've already seen one of the 8 films in the Harry Potter series or read at least one of the 7 wonderful books that talk about the most beloved wizard of all time around the world.

Well, it was in these films, inspired by books, that we saw many photos come to life, not just moving the eyes, but moving the whole body, dancing, smiling, etc. We always get emotional when we watch it, don't we?

That's why we think the idea of having an application that lends movement to photos is something magical and will leave us, just like the Harry Potter films, with a mixture of amazement, joy and emotion.

Discover an excellent tool for animating faces in photos

We now present to you an excellent app option for animating faces in photos, called “Avatarify”. It is a free application, available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

With it you can animate the faces of all your photos, creating very funny effects and montages. Take a selfie right now or search for an image in your photo gallery and start editing them right now.

At the end of your magic, share it on Whatsapp or other social networks and receive compliments. In the free version there will be a watermark on your photos, but if you want, you can use the paid version of the application.  

Discover the MyHeritage – Deep Nostalgia app

Another excellent option for animating faces in photos is the MyHeritage – Deep Nostalgia app, which offers incredible features for you. Just register for free for limited use) or create an account (with unlimited resources).

All your photos, from the oldest to the newest, will have white smiles, eyes that blink and move in different directions in just a few seconds. After that, just share it on social media and receive applause and likes.

Another very relevant information that differentiates this application is the possibility of making this animation on several faces in the same photo, being able to animate them in different ways, one from the other. Cool, huh?

The PicMa – AI Photo Enhancer app works magic on your photos

For us, among all the options, we chose the app PicMa – AI Photo Enhancer as the best and most magical of applications. Go to your cell phone's app store (Google Play Store or App Store) right now and download it for free.

With it, it's not just about moving the frame in an image, but also about leaving them with unusual quality. There are countless resources that will leave you more than satisfied. Discover everything you can do with the app:

  • Create a comic-style edit on your photos, all in just a few seconds.
  • Adjust details in your selfies and photos in a better way with just a few clicks.
  • Restore your old photos that are blurry or of poor quality.
  • Use the most beloved feature of all time: the “face animator”, which literally brings your images to life.
  • Turn all your most loved photos into paintings (just like a painting)

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Okay, now you know everything and have already chosen, in your opinion, which is the best application for animating faces in photos. Now all you need to do is start using one or all of them and have the best experience of your life with your photos and memories. See you soon.