5S App – Discover how to lose weight once and for all

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you need to know the 5S app. Have you ever heard of him? If your answer was “no”, then get ready, because your life will change from now on.


Many people today are looking for better health, a healthier body, a slimmer figure. Many people are not satisfied with the body they have and we believe that this is good, you know? We will explain this to you below.

Knowing and downloading the 5S application will revolutionize the way you lose weight, through very simple principles. If you want to become even more beautiful, then read the article until the end and learn everything about the app. Good reading.

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How are we Brazilians taking care of our health?

Before we go into depth about the 5S app, we'll show you the reason why you should immediately download it on your smartphone. Simply because we Brazilians take very poor care of our health.


There are several reasons that make us say this. With a simple internet search today, you will be able to discover something alarming: in less than 10 years, there is a high risk of almost 70% of the population being overweight.

That's what you read. The majority of the Brazilian population will have obesity problems, something that, in addition to being extremely unpleasant, can lead to death. Do you agree with us that this matter is important?

What are the health consequences of being overweight?

When we decided to bring the benefits of the 5S application to your knowledge, we were thinking, in the first place, how to help you and thousands of other people, how to face obesity and have a healthier life.

In addition to understanding the importance and seriousness of the matter, more than anything else, it is essential to understand the negative consequences obesity can have on your life and on the lives of the people you love.

Anyone who remains overweight for a long time tends to develop diseases such as: cancer, increased triglycerides and cholesterol, hypertension, heart attack, accumulation of fat in the liver and stroke. You don't want that!

Learn a little about the 5S app and its weight loss method

The first thing to know about the 5S application is that it is part of a methodology created and developed by a physiotherapist and businesswoman who applied it to herself, losing 24 kg in a healthy way.

But that's not all that's fantastic, there's so much more to say here about the 5S. The main one is that, as they themselves state on their website, the focus is not on “losing” weight, but on “gaining” more life. Amazing, isn't it?

Another important point is to know that the methodology developed by the physiotherapist Edivana Poltronieri won national and international awards related to the health area. Keep reading and learn more about how you can be healthier.

Learn a little more about how your life will change from now on

You must already have your cell phone in hand, ready to download the 5S application and this is the purest show of intelligence. We are very happy that you made this decision. However, there is more to talk about it. Keep reading until the end.

The main thing to know is that the decision is the first and most important step towards better health, but it comes with other actions, among which changing your mindset is the second step.

Start thinking and acting as if you had already achieved the result you are looking for. And to find out if the result you're looking for is the best, look for one of the 5S units on the company's website. Find out below what “5S” means:

  • The first “S” refers to the word “sociable”, which means that you will interact with other people who face the same challenges as you, in addition to interacting with professionals in the field of nutrition specialized in helping you achieve the result you are looking for .
  • The second and third “s” are “healthy and sustainable”, after all, there is no point in losing weight and ending up getting sick with a lack of nutrients in your body. The whole process teaches much more than eating, but also nourishing your body.
  • The fourth “s” is from the word “simple”, once you understand everything that is passed and why and how each of the things must be done.
  • The fifth and final “s” comes from the word “tasty”. This means you don't have to eat anything that doesn't taste good or that you don't like. Everything will be very tasty, you bet.

Download the 5S app and start losing weight right now

Of course, you must have already downloaded the 5S app on your smartphone. know more about it and, if you haven't downloaded it yet, we suggest you go and download it right now. The app is free and offers a number of amazing features.

Another very important detail to be considered in it is that it is available for download on Android and iPhone phones. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store right now and download the app.

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Ready! If you've come this far, we're sure you're determined to change your life for the better, and we're very happy that we've contributed a little to that. We wish you all the best. See you soon.