App for early childhood education – Discover the best apps 

In order to show excellent options for early childhood education app, we bring information beyond interesting in this article. Do you know and have you used any such application to complement your children's learning?


Surprisingly, we have seen with growing joy that this type of app has become quite common, not only in educational institutions, but also on cell phones, being used by parents who care about their children's learning.  

All the app options for early childhood education that we will present below make the way of learning, for children, much more fun. After all, children, as well as adults, retain knowledge better when they are having fun. 

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The good side of the pandemic can be seen here  

Certainly, some will ask: but is there a silver lining to the pandemic? The answer we believe is that there is always a bright side to everything. In the case of the pandemic, it has taught us many things. Improving learning was one of them. 


Undeniably, before the pandemic there was a concern about how children learned, however, cell phones were rarely used for this purpose. With the pandemic, devices were also used to educate. Sensational! 

In addition, some parents who, not paying much attention to what their children learn, were forced, with the advent of the pandemic, not only to lend their devices, but also to interact and relearn with their children.

Are there any contraindications for an early childhood education app?

Surely, you know a popular saying that says: everything that is too much is bad! Therefore, it is very worthwhile to understand the issue of screen exposure from devices as it relates to children. Research is very advanced in this regard.

In order to make learning through an early childhood education app something that is not only valuable but also effective, pay attention to the following. Experts say that children's exposure to equipment must be monitored.  

Just to exemplify, before the age of 2, no screens. From 2 to 4 years, only 1 hour a day. Between 6 and 11 years old, two hours is recommended per day. In the range of 11 to 18 years, the ideal number is 3 hours a day. What do you think?

Discover some app options for early childhood education

At the time of writing this article, there are countless options for early childhood education apps that can be recommended. You will have the opportunity to download not just one, but as many as you want. It's worth it, believe me.

First of all, we recommend the “Playkids” app as the first recommendation. It has free and paid content, offering more than 4,000 videos in its collection. It is recommended for children up to 6 years old. He is extraordinary.

Second, we bring you the “Kinedu” app, which, unfortunately, is not free. However, for those who think that this is not an expense, but an investment, know that it is used by more than 3 million families worldwide. Undeniably fantastic!

We present other excellent alternatives for your children's learning

Surprisingly, we present you the app “Fun English With Doki”. It is among the best for the amount of content it offers. However, it only offers the first class for free. It is worth knowing and investing.

Next, we bring you another good app option for early childhood education: “Tiny Puzzle”. It is a free app with purchase options, where children have the opportunity not only to play, but also to learn a lot. You will love!

We also like the “My ABC” app. However, it is only available for iPhone phones. Below are other options for you to not only invest in children's education, but also actively participate in it: 

  • For those who like different costumes and characters, you will love the “Abá” app. Surprisingly, your children will be taught by a prince quite different from traditional tales. Abá is a pineapple who plays guitar in a band.  
  • Among the paid and free features, the app offers educational games, a jukebox and also puzzles, among others.
  • Another really fun app for kids is “My Talking Tom”. The purpose of the game is not just to play, but also to teach responsibilities to the little ones in your house. He is a very cute and also talkative cat. Even adults love this app. 
  • Likewise, there is the “Pou” app, where children also take care of the character. It doesn't lie, it has a free version, but it's also an option for kids to buy accessories.

Discover now the best and funniest app in this category 

The most famous among the famous is “The Painted Chicken Gang”. We chose it as the best app for early childhood education because it's available not only for Android phones and tablets, but also for iPhones and iPads.

Just to exemplify, in addition to the famous songs, your children will have access not only to educational games, but also to puzzles, drawings to color, geometric shapes and amazing lessons about the alphabet. It's just too much!

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Very good! Now you know all about the best options for apps to download on your smartphone. After all, the education of our little ones should not only be a priority for us parents, but also a joy. See you soon.