Application similar to PicPay – Discover other excellent options

How about you download a PicPay-like app and start managing your money differently and all using only your cell phone? If you've never thought about this possibility before, the time has come.


When digital wallets emerged, like PicPay and PayPal, many Brazilians grabbed the idea with both hands and found, among other advantages, a way to better control their money and even profit from it.

Having an application similar to PicPay on your smartphone can mean, in the short term, greater control over expenses and greater financial independence. If you are interested in the subject, read the article until the end and learn more.

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What are digital wallets and what are they for

Before proceeding with the information about the best option for an app similar to PicPay, it is worth orienting you, in a very brief way, about what a digital wallet is and how it can change your way of looking at your financial life.


Digital wallets emerged around 1998 in the United States and came to revolutionize the way money is received and payments are made. With it, you can control all your finances digitally.

Here in Brazil, they arrived a few years ago and gained a lot of strength after the pandemic. Today there are several companies operating in the field, some international and others Brazilian. We'll talk about them further below.

Why should we use a digital wallet?

When talking about adopting an application similar to PicPay as a means of controlling expenses, the main idea that crosses our minds is that it must be something advantageous, after all we are talking about changing the way you do things.

Another very important point to consider is knowing how to understand the difference between advantage and benefit when adopting a new way of doing things related to your money. Do you understand this difference?

In short, changing the way you manage your money has numerous advantages, but will it all be a benefit? It will only be beneficial if the change is good for you. See below all the benefits and advantages of this.

What are the advantages and benefits of using a digital wallet?

Basically, we identified 4 very relevant points for you to change the way you lead your financial life, using an application similar to PicPay to manage your expenses and earnings.

Having greater control of all your expenses and earnings quickly and online is the first benefit. Special discounts and the return of part of the money invested to your wallet (cashback) is a second advantage.

Greater practicality and simplicity, without cards or cash is another good advantage taken advantage of and, at the end of it all, as a fourth benefit we have greater security for transactions made by QR Code or approach. It's all very good for you!

Discover some good options for apps similar to PicPay

As we've seen before, it's all good to have an application similar to PicPay installed and downloaded on your smartphone. The previously mentioned advantages combined with technology make this something irresistible, don't they?

And let's agree here that the less face-to-face contact during this pandemic time, the more agility to do your shopping and receipts and still be able to earn money, it's much better than the traditional way of doing all of this.

It is for all these reasons that we have decided to share all this information with you. That way you get to know the digital wallet applications available and can research each one of them further. See the apps below:

  • Mercado Pago App: it has many advantages, including being able to pay your bills in installments, free transfers, no annual fee on the card, among other things.
  • Nubank App: this app also offers the possibility of making unlimited transfers and making it very easy to pay and pay your bills in installments when you have no money to pay them.
  • Rede CelCoin App: here you have many advantages, including “zero monthly fee”, “zero annual fee”, recharge your phone, pay bills, sell bus tickets and much more.
  • Other excellent options are: “RecargaPay”, “PagBank”, “PagSeguro” and “Venmo”. Research each of them online to find out more.

Discover the best PicPay-like app

In our opinion, we think that the “paypal” is the best PicPay-like app that you can download on your smartphone to control all your accounts and securely manage your money.

Among many other advantages is the fact that, for international operations, that is, buying, transferring and receiving money from outside the country, it is one of the most recommended. Download it right now on your cell phone and try it out.

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Ready! Now you know everything about digital wallets, their advantages and benefits. Therefore, you are ready to leave the paper era for good and take advantage of all the technology available to control your money. Good luck and see you soon.