Application that draws a secret friend – Discover the best app and download

Discover and download more than one application that draws secret friends It's an excellent option at the end of the year, when it comes to celebrating with friends or even with our family, isn't it?


After a very challenging year, taking a break from the tiring work routine and also taking a break from all the worries that have accompanied us throughout this year is something that we look forward to with great anticipation.

So prepare your cell phone to download an application that draws secret friends or even your computer, as we will also bring you some websites that make playing a lot easier. Stay tuned for our tips below and find out everything about them. Good reading.

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You can play your game using some websites. Discover 2 great options

The “Secret Friend” website is the first option. Search for it in your internet browser. Just register, enter the names and emails of the participants and that's it. Each one will receive their secret friend to participate.  


Another good option, in addition to an application that draws secret friends, is the website “SorteioGo”. It carries out the draw automatically using names or numbers and each person receives their friend to participate. It can even be used in English or Spanish.

“Papelzinho”: an excellent application option that draws secret friends

This app is considered by many users to be the best app that draws secret friends. We brought it as the first option because it can be downloaded on iOS and Android cell phones, in addition to being free.

It has a very simple interface to use, and several different groups can be created in it (family, friends, work, etc.) and gives the option of choosing up to 3 different gifts and values. It's pretty cool. Download right now.

Discover two other great app options to liven up your holiday party

Another good option for an application that draws secret friends is “Secret Santa”, but it can only be downloaded on Android smartphones. It is quite easy and intuitive to use. Go to the Google Play Store and search for it.

We also have the “Secret Friend 22” app as a tip. It can be downloaded for free and is available for iPhone or Android cell phones, which makes it a lot easier, right? Go to your store and download it right now.

Discover the “Secret Friend Online” app and make your party unforgettable

This option, despite being incredible, is an application that draws a secret friend available only for Android cell phones. If your smartphone is an iPhone, don't be sad, because the best app, in our opinion, will be at the end and you can download it.

The “Amigo Secreto Online” app has different functions that make its users happy, including the possibility for participants to receive participation links via Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook.

Discover the best app that draws secret friends and make variations of the game

In our opinion, the app “Dedoman” you will really like it, due to the simplicity with which it works, because it is free and mainly because it can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones. One person just needs to download the app and that's it.

Others will receive the link and can open it from any browser. It is very cool. Now that you've seen websites and apps, get out of the traditional way and change the game using some of the many variations of this game below:

  1. Friend crafts: here each person in your family or friend commits to doing something more than giving a gift to the other person. Everyone undertakes to make a gift with their own hands, giving the gift the status of “unique” and “special”. It is one of the most symbolic, beautiful and fun variations, especially when children are involved.
  2. Hidden enemy: this variation is popularly known as “jaguar's friend” and, as the name suggests, it will make your party quite fun, you can be sure of that. The idea is to buy the other person something that they would never imagine getting or that it would be hilarious to see them using. The expectation of seeing her trying to guess what the package is about can add even more fun to the game. Try it!
  3. Chocolate friend: this is a variation of the game that has been used for many years, including at parties and celebrations during Easter. Of all, this is the most enjoyable variable in the game, you have to agree with us, right? Just define the value of the gifts and the type of chocolate each person wants to receive, and that's it! Just wait and taste your favorite type of chocolate later.   
  4. Friend thief: in this variation, there is a lot of laughter, excitement and nerves are on edge, especially because some gifts are being opened for everyone to see and each of them can be “stolen” only 3 times, remaining with the last thief . The gifts are all placed together, wrapped and the draw is done on the spot using numbers, with the second person drawn being able to choose whether to open a gift or steal the one that the first person drawn chose. It is very cool.  
  5. There are also many other variations that you should try at your party, such as: “musical chairs friend”, “changed friend”, “white elephant friend”, “slipper friend”, and “bingo friend”. Research more about each of them and have a lot of fun.

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And there? What did you think of our tips for apps and websites to make your game more enjoyable and fun? Do you think family and friends will want to innovate this year? Regardless of your answer, we are sure it will be very cool. Have a good time.