Application to take secret friend – Download the app and celebrate the end of the year

Of course having a secret friend app downloaded to your cell phone will, without a doubt, guarantee a get-together party between company friends or your family, something much more fun.


And truth! We are already at the end of the year again. And, just like the previous one, this was not a very easy year, on the contrary, it was quite challenging for many people. Coming to the end of the year brings expectations of a joyful and festive period.

It is for this reason that we will bring you app options to remove secret friend. After all, what could be better than celebrating the achievements made during that year and getting excited about the prospects for the next one? Read this article and discover the best apps.

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Secret friend is a very old joke. Did you know that?

Of course, when we talk about secret friend app, we all think about the parties, the gifts we're going to get and how much fun we're going to have, etc. However, take the time to learn a little about how this joke came to be.


Some historians claim that this custom emerged in ancient Greece, when there was a habit of introducing influential people at the time. Others attribute it to the Nordic peoples, in the eighth century, who did it to celebrate the pact with the gods.

Look how nice it is! Anyway, you can be sure that you and your friends and family celebrate using ancient customs that referred to “gods” and that each one who receives the gifts is also an “influential person”. Cool!

And what are the variations of this joke?

Are you tired of doing the same raffle system all year round, with a defined gift value, where your family or friends spend time describing their secret friends for others to guess? Then we have the solution.

Check out some good variations for the game. Search for them online by name and make this year's get-together the most amazing celebration with friends or family you'll ever have.

“Stolen friend”, “Amigolate”, “Amigo da jaguar”, “Slipper friend”, “Solidarity friend”, “Bingo friend”, “Upside down friend”, “Chair dance friend”, “Candy friend”, “Friend theme”, “Handmade friend”, among others.

Some site tips to make the hidden friend in your fraternization

It is important to remember that when it comes to an application to remove a secret friend, technology also makes other ways of playing the game available to people and companies, and consequently making everything even more fun.

As we saw above, the many variations for the game mean that the way of carrying it out does not fall into the sameness every year and, mainly, that it can be carried out at other times of the year as well, promoting frequent interaction.

Technology also means that you don't have to make your secret friend only using applications on your smartphone, but also using the internet and your computer to do so. Check out some sites you can use for this:

  1. Amigo Secreto: obviously this will be our first suggestion. Whether it's the very suggestive name or the ease with which you can play the game, you register on the platform and then enter the names of people in your family or work friends, so that they receive a link and can also register.
  2. Secret Amigo Draw: here you use the site by creating an account through Facebook itself, if you want. Enter the participants' e-mails and, if necessary, create some parameters to prevent some people from not raffling others (parents and children, boyfriends, removing their own name, etc.).
  3. SorteioGo: our third option is excellent, especially since it does not require you to register on the platform, you only need to enter your email and that of the other participants. He performs the draw and sends recipients who is his hidden friend.
  4. Gifwe: here it is necessary to create an account and a user, sending it to each of the participants involved in the game, including children. It is very cool.

Meet 4 app options to take secret friend

Our first secret friend app option is only available for Android phones. It is called “Amigo Secreto Online”. It's an app that takes up little space and tickets can be sent using Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

The second option is called “Amigo Secreto 22” and is available for iOS and Android smartphones. It is very complete, as in addition to sending it using the same options above, it also allows you to send it via SMS. Cool, isn't it?

Our third option is called “Secret Santa”, available only for Android phones. The fourth option is called “Papelzinho” and is available for iOS and Android devices, being able to create groups and register up to 3 gift options.

Dedoman: the simplest and easiest app to draw a secret friend

That's right! The appDedoman” is the easiest secret friend app you can find to make the end of year celebration a really memorable and special event, with the people you care about.

In addition to being extremely simple to use (where participating people don't even need to have the app installed on their smartphones), it can also be installed on Android and iOS phones.

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For that reason, don't wait any longer. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store right now and download this app on your cell phone and have fun with your friends and family. Very good! Now you're ready to perform your Secret Santa in style. Happy Holidays!