Guitar Play App – Discover the best app to learn guitar

Would you like to have a app to play guitar? Of course your answer will be “yes”, especially if you are a person passionate about music or if you want to encourage your children to learn this wonderful art.


After all, the ability to play an instrument, especially one as beautiful as the guitar, should be something that we should encourage, not only in ourselves, but also in other people.

Having an app to play guitar on your cell phone is a safe way to learn faster and be able to play anytime, anywhere. If the subject interests you, read the article until the end and find out more about the subject. Good reading.

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Knowing a little about one of the most loved instruments in the world

Of course, before giving you excellent options so you can decide which app is best for playing the guitar, we'll bring you a little culture and history about the guitar.


For instrumentalists and guitar lovers, two variations of the story are presented to discuss the evolution of the guitar in history, which is said to have originated in the year 2,000 BC

The first is that it is derived from the Arabic lute, with its use being widespread among Muslims. The second is that it derives from the Roman zither, having its peak with the expansion of the Roman empire in its conquests. Cool, huh?

Did you know that it is the most played instrument in Brazil?

Of course, talking about an app for playing the guitar is a subject of general interest, after all, the guitar is, according to research, the most loved and most played instrument here in Brazil. Did you know that?

It is estimated that, due to the ease of learning it (although there is controversy in this opinion) it is the main reason why most Brazilians play it. In the country, in MPB or among friends, there he will be.

Just out of curiosity, we inform you that there are 4 other instruments that are widely played in Brazil, but that are nowhere near equal in terms of number of players in Brazil. They are: guitar, keyboard, double bass and drums.

Have you ever heard about multiple intelligences and musical intelligence?

This is a very interesting concept and knowing about this subject can make a difference in your life, believe me! If you understand this, using an app to play the guitar can be much easier considering learning and performance.

The concept of multiple intelligences refers to the fact that there are 8 different types of intelligence in all of us and that 2 of these 8 intelligences are well developed in us. Musical intelligence is one among them.

If you have a well-developed musical intelligence, it will be much easier to learn. If not, you will have to try harder than you normally would. Research them, do tests and find out which ones are most developed in you. Are they:

  • Musical Intelligence: ability to play instruments and ability to identify and differentiate sounds.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence: ability to relate to all types of people.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence: ease of winning people over to your way of thinking through example.
  • Kinesthetic-Bodily Intelligence: ease of practicing and excelling in sports.
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: ease of working and excelling with numbers and computers.
  • Naturalistic Intelligence: ease in understanding and communicating with nature and other living beings.
  • Linguistic Intelligence: ease of learning and communicating in other languages.
  • Spatial Intelligence: ease in identifying, working and adapting measurements in various environments or even in thoughts.

Discover 3 excellent app options for playing the guitar

Our first suggestion for an app to play the guitar is the “JustinGuitar” app. The good thing about this app is that it is suitable for all learning levels (from basic to advanced). The not so good side is that it is paid and not available in Portuguese.

The second, well-known option is the “Yousician” app, which, like the previous one, is also not free and only presents content in English. The teaching dynamics are excellent, providing feedback on your performance.

The third app we suggest is “SimplyGuitar”. It offers a free trial version and videos with Portuguese subtitles. It is excellent! It is important to know that it and the two options above are available for iPhone and Android cell phones.

Discover our best app suggestion for playing the guitar

In our opinion, the app “The Lost Pick” is the best guitar playing app you can find. This is due to a very curious fact: the methodology applied to teach how to play the instrument is quite different.

Another very relevant factor is that it is free and can be used without the need to be connected to the internet, that is, offline. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store right now and download it. And of course, start learning right now!

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Ready! If you've made it this far, you'll have already researched and downloaded some of the excellent application tips we've brought you and, we really hope you enjoyed them. We wish you luck in your learning. See you soon.