Application to train English with music – Choose the best and learn

Have you ever heard of a app to train english with music? And of several applications with the same purpose? If your answer to both questions is no, don't worry. We'll tell you all about it.


It's no secret that learning English is very important (not to say essential or necessary) for a great performance in your professional area or to leverage any opportunity for financial improvement.

Downloading an app to train English with music on your cell phone can be a smart and sensible thing to do right now, especially if you are tired of learning English the traditional way. Read the article to the end and learn more.

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Why is English so important?

Because English is the most spoken language in the world, as shown by a survey carried out in 2020. This reason alone should serve as a stimulus for someone to download an app to train English with music on their smartphone.


But, in case this is not a good argument, we can list that people who speak fluent English have access to more job opportunities and receive salaries up to 60% higher than someone who does not know how to speak. Are you convinced now?

Important tips for you to learn to speak this language

Watching movies and series you like with audio and subtitles in English is very good. Listening (which means listening attentively) to songs in English, preferably following the lyrics. If you want to sing, with the lyrics in hand, it will be even more effective.

Another important tip is to download applications that offer games and learning in a different way of the language, among them, with emphasis, an application to train English with music. Now that's a recipe for total success!

The importance of music in language learning

Those who sing, not only scare away their evils, but also, in this case, learn better and faster. Yes, that's right! Studying English with music is fun and accessible, allowing you to practice English effectively.

It is proven that music positively modifies the functions and structure of different regions of our brain. And an excellent way to stimulate it is to listen and sing. And why not use an app to train English with music for that?

Discover now some app options to train English with music

If you've made it this far, you've already managed to understand how important it is to study and learn the English language, so that your life has significant improvements. And that there are also ways to learn faster and more effectively.

And the main way to stimulate this learning of the English language is music, for this reason we will show you, below, some application options to train English with music. Check out some of them:

  1. Sounter: This app is available for iOS and Android phones. It allows you to learn the language through your favorite songs, transforming them, following the promise displayed on its website, into an English course, where each student enhances his vocabulary, perfects his pronunciation and develops the good habit of practicing that he learned through some games by completing the missing words in a phrase of his favorite song. There is a free version and a paid version for this app with different features.
  2. Beelinguapp: an application that provides news, stories, audiobooks and music to stimulate language development, using neuroscience for this. It offers a learning methodology based on reading and listening to texts in parallel, which generates an effectiveness that is highly appreciated by language students.
  3. Lyrics Training: an app used by teachers in classrooms around the world, as they find in this app an efficient way to motivate their students. It's practically a way for you to be immersed in the English language, using music for that. There are countless music videos, through which you can practice learning by filling in the empty space in the lyrics of the songs while singing and listening to your favorite songs in the karaoke version.

What did you think? We're sure you feel like going to your app store (Google Play Store or App Store) and downloading some of them, but wait! Below you will meet the one that we think is the best among them.

Genius: simply the best app to practice English with music

The app to train English with music Genius — Song Lyrics & More is available to download for free on any Android or iPhone phone. Go to your app store and download it right now.

We think it's better because its proposal is to allow students a deep experience in the content of the songs. It's not just following the lyrics of the song, but deeply understanding the meaning.

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While listening to the music, the student can touch the expressions or words, thus checking their context, as well as the author's intentions when putting them in the songs. And there? Ready to listen, sing and learn the English language? Good luck!