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Have one free beauty salon app on your cell phone, for some people it can be considered an unnecessary luxury, but the truth is, those who use such an application never want to be without it again. 

If you have never heard about an application for this purpose, we present you “”. It's simply the best app in the world when it comes to scheduling a salon without wasting time.


The free beauty salon application “” allows you, among other things, to schedule your appointments at the beauty salon without leaving the place where you are, at any time of the day or night. It's just wonderful!

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What are the advantages and benefits of the application?

If you're a person who knows what he wants and doesn't like wasting time on his phone, this app is all you need. Here's one of the biggest benefits of the app: you make your appointment in seconds.

Want to book an appointment to align your beard? Want to make that brush or dye your hair in trendy colors? Want to simply schedule a massage to relax after an intense week at work?


It's all here in the free beauty salon app. All this in the palm of your hand! There's no denying that a tool like this will uncomplicate and make your life easier. Live this experience! is the best free beauty salon app

It doesn't matter if you already have a beauty professional and want to schedule an appointment with him or if you are looking for a new place to perform one or more procedures. The app helps you with all that and more!

With this free beauty salon application, you define the service you want to schedule and that's it! It can be haircuts, hairstyles, dyeing, barbershop, chiropody, manicure, beauty services, massages, etc. 

Just choose one or more establishments, define the service and set the day and time. All this without any complications. If there are 7 wonders in the world, surely this app is the eighth! Do not you think?

See how scheduling works in the app

To make your appointment, you must select a place or professional that you already know or you can look for new establishments. You have the option to select the location only. Some fields are optional and the result will appear:

  1. All establishments that perform the services you selected (if you have defined this in your search).
  2. Only the establishment and professional you usually go to (if you selected only the establishment).
  3. All establishments located in a certain region (if you selected only the location as an option).
  4. And finally, if you choose to select the establishment, day and choose the service as well, you will be automatically taken to a page where you will find all the schedules and professionals that are available.

Ready! Now, select the time and also the professional who wants to do the service and it will be scheduled. When the chosen establishment confirms the appointment, you will immediately receive an email confirming everything.

And do you want to know another amazing thing that the free salon app does for you? It notifies you in advance of this scheduled appointment, so that you don't happen to forget the appointment. That's too much!

Other features that delight users 

Perhaps you have already made up your mind not to live without the free beauty salon app “”. And that's a wise decision, however, keep reading and discover that there is still much more to come, beyond what you've seen so far.

You can use other features of the application, such as the "My Appointments" feature, which allows you to track your future appointments, cancel them without difficulty and even know the places you've already been.

You can also associate your Trinks app account with your Facebook profile. This is possible by accessing the website Thus, every time you log in, you will be able to see your profile picture.

How to download the free beauty salon app?

Now that you already know all the advantages and benefits of application for free beauty salon “”, of course you want to know how to have this wonder in the palm of your hand.

And it's very easy, especially since you can download it on your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer. All you have to do is look for the app from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook and download it.

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Now, if you have an Android cell phone, just look for the Google Play store on it, on your tablet and/or on your notebook or computer and download the application. Start using right now and change your life for the better.