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Have you ever thought about making a free digital marketing course? Never? Well then, it's time for you to review your concepts and analyze this option as a way to add knowledge to your professional career.

We don't know what area you work in today, but the digital marketing area pays its professionals very well. And one of the advantages of being in this segment is that there is a lot of demand for work.


Taking a free digital marketing course can be an excellent option, especially if you don't have the financial resources to invest or want to learn a new job. Read this article until the end and learn more about it.

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What does a professional in this area do and how much does he earn?

Of course, not having to invest anything to acquire knowledge is an excellent advantage, but, before proposing to take a free digital marketing course, understand a little about what a professional in this area does.

The person who works with marketing carries out activities aimed at improving the visibility of a brand (product or service), fostering relationships and attracting customers and, above all, increasing sales and profitability of that company.


In digital marketing, the professional does this within the virtual universe. This is an inexhaustible area. The remuneration of a specialist in this area varies between R$ 3.5 Mil and R$ 6.5 Mil. It's a good area and very dynamic. Invest in you. See course options below.

Where can I find a free digital marketing course

With the arrival of the internet a few years ago, it became very easy to study and learn any new profession. For this, it will only be necessary that you are willing to learn and dedicate time to acquire new knowledge.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch”! This phrase is often used by mentor and speaker Ivan Maia. And it's true, because without a minimum of dedication, effort and time, you won't be able to evolve personally and professionally.

Below you will see excellent options within various platforms such as: Rock Content, SEBRAE, Corsera, Moz, Udemy, Udacity, Mirago, among others. Most of the time you can still get a certificate after taking the course. Research them and study!

2 excellent free digital marketing course options on the “Rock Content” platform

Google “Rock University”. It is an educational institution created by the Rock Content platform, which trains many professionals in the field of marketing on a daily basis. See some courses you can take for free.

For those who like and want to make a living out of written words, they will identify a lot with the free digital marketing course called “Content Production for the Web”. It is aimed at beginners and has a charge of 2 hours and 30 minutes. It has a certificate.

Another good option is the “Content Marketing Course”, which prepares you to act directly on social networks. It has a load of 4 hours, is aimed at beginners and offers a certificate.

SEBRAE”: discover 2 excellent options to study for free

Taking a free digital marketing course at an institution like SEBRAE is a guarantee of good results, don't you think? After all, it is well known for providing quality content to its students and training good professionals.

The first option is the “Digital Marketing for the Entrepreneur” course. Despite being aimed at small entrepreneurs and business owners, you can, in 2 hours, learn a little about this area from the point of view of an entrepreneur and make it easier to talk to them.

Another good free option is the course called “Digital Marketing”, composed of modules 1 to 4. Each one lasts 1 hour and, like the previous one, offers a certificate. You will learn about sales funnel and other techniques that are used a lot.

More courses and teaching platforms for you to study, learn and pay nothing

As a special tip, we suggest you get to know the app “Google Primer” and download it on your smartphone. It can be found on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Do this after taking one or more of the courses featured here.

The idea of having this app on your cell phone is to help you remember the content learned in the courses. Our learning always improves with repetition and reinforcement! Learn more about free digital marketing course options below:

  1. On the “Digital Results” platform, you can take the course called “Introduction to Inbound Marketing”.
  2. On the Google platform you will find an agency that offers courses called “Ateliê Digital” and there you can take some courses such as: “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” and “Generate content to promote your company”

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Ready! If you've come this far, you're definitely prepared to change your professional life and, at the end of these courses, you'll be prepared to be a great professional and work in a new and promising career. We wish you good luck!