How to get a discount on the first purchase of Ifood and other apps? - Know more


To know how to get a discount on the first purchase of ifood and other similar apps, helps anyone become popular at work, school, or in their own family. After all, discounts are good, especially when it comes to eating.

Asking for something to eat beforehand was limited to a marmitex at lunchtime or a snack and pizza at night on weekends. This is definitely a thing of the past. The reality is that today there are many options to order something to eat.


And when you know how to get a discount on the first purchase of Ifood and other similar apps, things get even more interesting, be sure of that. Follow our article and find out how to do this. Good reading!

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Why are we so passionate about discounts?

This is a very interesting question and it is likely that many of us do not even know how to answer. We dare say that most of us have not even thought about it at some point. We just love discounts. And ready!

A quick search on the various internet browsers reflects this national and frequent passion. If you just type in the word “discount” and ask to search, you'll find a return of no less than 157,000,000 results.


For some, receiving an approximate number of results already makes their eyes shine, or makes their stomach rumble, when thinking about how to get a discount on the first purchase of ifood and other similar apps.

Find out how to get a discount on your first Ifood purchase?

Some pizzerias put discount coupons on their packages and you can collect 10 of them and get another free pizza. Other places have a loyalty card, where you accumulate a few meals or orders to win something.

With the Ifood app installed on your cell phone or computer, you have advantages even before your first purchase. To get a discount on your first Ifood purchase, just access it and use your first coupon asking for whatever you want.

Here you win in speed and variety. It is estimated that there are more than 230,000 partner establishments (markets, restaurants, bars, pet shops, etc.) and approximately more than 160,000 couriers. Download the app now and good discount!

How can I get a discount on my first purchase at 99 Foods?

The principle for getting a discount on the 99 Food app is the same as its biggest competitor, Ifood. That is, you need to access your cell phone's store (App Store if it's iPhone or Play Store if your cell phone is Android).

Even before placing your first order, you already have a discount coupon at your disposal. That will make your meal even more delicious, won't it? Coupon values available on first purchase may vary.

Another detail much appreciated by users is that almost every day you receive messages informing you of various promotions and discounts at accredited establishments. You just don't get discounts here who doesn't want to.

How to get discounts on the first purchase on Uber Eats?

There are several ways to earn discount coupons in the Uber Eats application, however, the best known and most advantageous is usually the first purchase, as is also the case with the 2 strongest competitors described above.

And if you want to keep getting discounts always, know that there is a very simple way: open the application, access the profile icon and click on “Get $ discount on your order”. Values may change at certain times.

Then you can share your referral code through social networks or emails and, every time a friend makes their first order using this promotional code, you will receive a credit in your account that will be used for your next purchase. Great!

Other apps that also offer discounts

We are sure that you are part of the millions of people around the world who love discounts and that knowing how to get a discount on the first purchase of ifood, 99 Food and Uber Eats made you very happy.

But you will be delighted to know that there are other delivery apps that also offer discounts and that you can benefit greatly from this. Meet some of them below and make the most of everything you can win:

  1. Rappi: delivery application that brings you much more than just meals. Delivery of wholesale purchases, pharmacy items, cleaning products, among others, to your home. Offers the contracting of deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unlimited and for a fixed price. On its website or application you can access some discount coupons at partner establishments.
  2. Cornershop by Uber: Here you can order supermarket items. The company sends a "shopper" to the location, picks up the purchases you ordered and delivers them to your home within a maximum period of 90 minutes. On your first purchase the application offers very interesting discounts.
  3. Aiqfome: Despite not being so well known by many, this platform is very strong in the interior of Brazil, being present in more than 500 cities in almost all states of the country. There are several discounts and promotions. Download the app and check it out.

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There are also other apps that offer a real show of discounts, including “Lalamove” and “Click Deliveries”. Each one with its facilities, promotions and discounts. We hope you enjoyed it. Download one of them or all of them right now!