Best Christmas Songs – Download the best songs using the app

The end of the year has arrived and you definitely want to hear the best christmas songs to liven up family parties or even to get into the festive and emotional atmosphere that this period always brings with it.


After a very challenging year that followed another even more difficult one, this time comes as a balm for our lives. It's time to once again celebrate the achievements and present love with the people we love.

Listening to the best Christmas songs contributes to the environment being surrounded by lots of joy, peace, affection and the feeling that everything will work out next year. If you want to know how to download these songs, follow our tips below and find out more.

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What do you know about the emergence of Christmas?

Of course, being able to listen to the best Christmas songs is something that will make you, your family and your friends happy at this time, however, there are things about this very important party that you will like to know so you can share them with the people you love.


Did you know that the Christmas tree appeared in the 16th century, in Germany, when Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism, set up a pine tree decorated with lit candles to show some children what heaven would be like on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ?

The colors golden (gold), red (incense) and green (myrrh) symbolize the gifts of the Magi. Perhaps you also didn't know that nativity scene comes from the Latin (praesepe), which means “stable” in Portuguese. Did you like these curiosities?

Use technology to download the best Christmas songs

You may have already realized that we live in the best time of all time, where technology helps us with many things, especially, in this case, where you can choose and download the best Christmas songs at any time.

Therefore, it doesn't matter if you only have a computer, a notebook, an Android smartphone or iPhone, a tablet, an iPad. There are so many options and features that you can download your music anywhere and anytime.

The options that we will bring you below are divided into some internet pages, for you to download or even to simply listen online and also some applications that you can download to listen whenever you want. Are you ready to meet them?

Discover the best Christmas songs in Portuguese and other languages

If the only Christmas song you know and know how to sing is “Silent Night” we congratulate you and support you, but it's good to know that there are many beautiful options among the best Christmas songs. We'll bring them all to you, don't worry.

And it doesn't matter what the language is, but rather, feel the rhythm, the melody and, if you understand a little of another language, enjoy the lyrics too. Songs, during this period, lead us to reflection.

So pay attention to the best songs that we will list below so that you can search for them on the websites and applications that we will list at the end of this article. Each one of them is beautiful and will touch your heart deeply. Enjoy the best songs below:

  1. “Silent Night” (or Noite Feliz, if you want to hear it in Portuguese), “Go Tell it on the Mountain” (or Falai pela Montanhas in its Portuguese version), “The First Noel” (or, in Portuguese, O First Christmas), “Wonderful Christmastime”, “Feliz Navidad”, “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”, “Last Christmas” (there are several versions and lyrics, but we recommend the American group called Wham) and “All I Want For Christmas It’s You.”
  2. “Bate o Sino Pequenino”, “So it’s Christmas”, “I left my shoe”, “Nightfall”, “Christmas is coming”, “Merry Christmas”, “Children’s Christmas”, “Baby Jesus” and Christmas Exists” .

Discover some websites for you to listen to and download the best Christmas songs

There are several options that exist for you to download and listen to the best Christmas songs, so choose the one that suits you best below. We liked them all, but we left our best bet for last.

Among the best sites are: “Songs of Praise”, “Paste Magazine”, “New Christmas Music” and “Feels Like Christmas”. Remember to activate page translation in your browser as this will make it easier

Other website options are: “It Feels Like Christmas”, “New Christmas Music”, “Uncle Dave’s Christmas Tunes” and “AM Classical”. Ready! Now you have many website options. And below, discover the best apps for listening to and downloading the best songs.

The best songs for you to listen to are in the palm of your hand

That's right! On your smartphone, of course. You can use the app You Tube so you don't make mistakes when choosing the best Christmas songs. With it you can download the app (if you haven't already) on your iOS or Android device.

Other good Christmas apps are: “Christmas in Augmented Reality”, “Christmas Songs and Music”, “Animated Snow Background”, “Christmas Tree Decoration”, “Christmas Countdown”, “Sing Along Christmas Carols” and “ Play Hair Salon – Christmas”.

Visit our website and check out our tips for courses.

Not all of the apps above are just songs, but some of them will entertain your family and friends, after all, this is a happy time and any new idea that brings laughter is welcome, don't you agree? We wish you the best. See you soon.