Best Free Apps – Download the best free app 

First, knowing what the best free apps it can change your life, agree? After all, what we do most nowadays is use our cell phones and also use applications of all kinds, have you noticed that? 


Certainly, the word “free” did not go unnoticed by you when reading the paragraph above. In that case, know that these apps not only “don't cost anything”, but are also sensational. So, don't take your eyes off this reading!

When you discover which are the best free apps that exist today, you will be able to use your smartphone in something much more useful than simply exchanging messages and enjoying the lives of others. Get ready!

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It's so nice to have good things and not pay anything for them

I am sure you will immediately agree with us when you read the sentence above. First, understand that our brain is wired to like it. After all, what could be better than not paying for something we like?


In the same way, the pandemic period we went through a few months ago and also the fact that our country is still recovering financially, made this desire even more acute. Whenever we save, we are happy.  

For the above reasons, we are going to show you the best free apps and also which one is the best in our opinion. Surely, you will choose one to be your darling. Are you ready to meet them? So let's go!  

How about being more productive at work without spending anything on it?

It is undeniably proven that professionals who are more productive earn more money. Among the best free apps are tools that will help you become more productive and also earn better earnings.

Surely you will like the app “Remember the Milk”. It will help you manage your activities and also let you know where you are spending your time. Want to do more in less time? No doubt yes! Download right now.

Second, download the “Todoist” app and learn how to organize yourself efficiently. Also, you can use its functionalities and resources even when you are offline. It is one of the best free options for you, be sure of that! 

Among the best free apps are those that teach you new things

First, understand that the best free apps are those that not only save you money, but also allow you to be a better person and professional. In this sense, discover two excellent options.

“Duolingo” is one of the most loved apps in the world by children and adults alike. It teaches multiple languages in a fun and free way. Provides a different learning, based on games and diversions. Worth knowing.

Likewise, the “TED” app will do wonders for your personal and professional learning and improvement, without you having to spend anything for it. Watch several lectures on the most diverse topics around the world right now.

What do you think about taking good care of your health with the best free apps?

Surely, the answer to the above question will be a resounding “I think it's great”! After all, we've already seen that the best free apps can help you not only be more productive, but also be healthier. 

First, we present the “Diet and Health” app. It can be downloaded now on Android and iPhone phones. It will help you control the amount of exercise you do and also the amount of water you drink during the day. Fantastic, isn't it? 

Likewise, the “Runtatsic” app will help you get in shape, allowing you to share the information with other friends. What do you think if we give you even more options? Of course it feels good! So follow below other apps:   

  • First, other apps aimed at training and bodywork: “Nike Training Club”, “Strong”, “Jefit”, “Endomondo”, “FitNotes”, “Strava” and also the “Nike Run Club” app. 
  • Likewise, discover some apps that you don't pay anything for and also help you take care of your mental health: “DailyYoga”, “Sattva”, “Insight Time”, “Aura”, “”, “Mindbliss”, “5 Minutes”, “Relax Meditation: Sleep Sounds”. 
  • It is likely that you also like these alternatives: “MyFitnessPal”, “Beba Água”, “Tecnonutri”, “Medida Certa”, “NutraBem”, “FatSecret”, and also the app “Minhas Recipes Light”, among others.

And which is the best among the best free apps?

Undeniably, we consider the app “Coursera”, the TOP of the best free apps for you to download on your smartphone right now. It's good not only because it's free, but also because it's very complete and intuitive. 

Undoubtedly, the Coursera app will make you even smarter and also make you progress a lot at work. There are courses in the most diverse areas, offered free of charge by more than 100 universities. It is certainly one of the best today.

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Surely, if you've come this far, you've already understood all the benefits of the apps above. Mainly because you don't have to pay anything to use them. Don't wait any longer! Go right now and download several of them. See you soon.