Bible to read online – Download the app and study the Holy Scriptures

For you who seek solace in the sacred scriptures, having a bible to read online on your cell phone and also on your computer can be an excellent option. Thus, you can have access to the sacred teachings anytime and anywhere.


No more worrying about carrying a heavy book everywhere you go or missing out on the opportunity to read something good while waiting to be seen somewhere or on your lunch break at work.

There are many apps where you can have the bible to read online and we are going to show you all of them here in this article. If you want to know a little more about it, stay with us and read this article until the end. Good reading!

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What is the Holy Bible?

The origin of the word “bible” is Greek and means papyrus, book or parchment. For many, the way this word is pronounced implies an absolute meaning, that is, it is not “a book”, but “the book”.


It is, according to affirmations of those who constantly read it and follow its teachings, the true word of God, which was revealed and written for centuries. He has both divine and human natures. It is also, without a doubt, the most read book in the world.

The bible to read online, as well as its printed version, consists of 66 books, separated into "old testament" (which contains a total of 39 books) and "new testament" (which has a total of 27 books).

Good reasons for you to create the habit of reading the holy scriptures

All people who study the bible and have acquired the habit of reading it, know that it is very extensive and, most of the time, it is not very easy to understand and interpret. However, this does not take away its importance in people's lives.

If you ever have doubts or need a correct understanding, know that in the bible to read online, it will be easier to obtain resources to help you. In addition, you can see below great reasons for you to make reading the Bible a habit.

The first and best reason for you to read it every day is that from now on, you will have the sacred teachings right in the palm of your hand, with this version of the sacred scriptures in the form of an application on your cell phone or computer. Discover other reasons:

  1. When you read the holy scriptures you must learn to listen to the word of God, which has the power to change your life for the better.
  2. Its constant reading feeds your spirit and your soul, after all, not only food for the body should man feed.
  3. The search for knowledge must be crowned with constant and daily learning, so that, in the end, this learning becomes wisdom. You will find in his books wise advice and precious teachings for your life.
  4. The constant reading of the word of God offers those who constantly seek wisdom, a better preparation to know what is right and what is wrong, thus always remaining on the right path.
  5. The repetition and reinforcement of the teachings contained in the bible, allow the reader to be always feeding his faith, thus remaining firm in his purposes.

Mobile apps with the bible to read online

Perhaps you still don't have a holy bible in your house to read for financial reasons or any other reason, however, with the applications that we will show you below, this will be possible.

It will be up to you to make good use of these resources, using these bible apps to read online in your church, following the reading done by the priest or pastor, or even taking advantage of moments when you have time, at lunch time or in line at a bank.

You can visit your App Store (for iPhone phones) or Google Play Store (if your phone is Android) and download any of the options listed below right now.

3 great apps for you to download right now

The “Bíblia Sagrada” app can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. It has great features, such as choosing the language and being able to read offline, without the need for the internet, and also listen to your passages.

The second option is the “JFA Offline Bible” app. It has a very beautiful interface and is highly praised by its users for being able to be used without the help of the internet. It provides exercises that facilitate the understanding of the teachings.

The third bible app to read online is “Holy Bible for Women”, which was created to cater to the female audience. It has resources for sharing via social networks and the possibility of marking the passages you have already read to come back to them later.

Other bible apps to read online

Perhaps the best app is “MyBible Bible” which can be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones and which has several features that make life easier for the reader, especially to find and share verses and enjoy audios about them.

An excellent option for educating little ones is to download the “Bíblia para Crianças” app, which offers several Bible stories in a childish and attractive language, consisting of images, texts and audios.

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Okay, now that you've seen many bible options to read online, download one or all of them on your cell phone now and create the daily habit of reading the sacred scriptures and their teachings. We wish you a pleasant reading. See you soon!