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Certainly, when it comes to marriage, the bridesmaid makeup It is among the biggest concerns that every woman should have. After all, not only the brides shine on that day, but also the wonderful bridesmaids, right? 


Therefore, we decided to write this article to bring precious tips to you, who were chosen among hundreds of women, to be by the bride's side at this very important moment. By the way, congratulations on being chosen. You are special, without a doubt!

Bridesmaid makeup undeniably requires special attention and you certainly don't want to leave everything until the last minute. Nor do you want to spend a fortune on it. So, read this article until the end and see how you can rock your look yourself.

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Why is bridesmaid makeup so important?

You certainly know that bridesmaid makeup is important for many reasons, mainly because they are the ones chosen to be at the bride's side. There cannot be a beautiful, well-made-up bride without the bridesmaids also being there.


In the same way, custom and tradition have brought the figure of godmothers since ancient times. Here in Brazil this was created by the Catholic Church, where witnesses were necessary to witness the wedding. Did you know that?

Without a doubt yes! For this reason, you must take extra care to ensure that you look beautiful on the occasion of the wedding of someone so special to you. Pay attention to the tips shared below. You will love each and every one of them. 

Bridesmaid makeup: precious tips for all skin types and situations

Firstly, as we have shown previously, bridesmaid makeup can and should be a subject of a lot of attention. Therefore, below we will provide as much information as we think is necessary for you to choose the perfect look.   

Secondly, you have a different skin color than other people, so there's no point imitating or wearing exactly the same things as your friends. Not only is doing your makeup important, but also how you do it matters.  

In short, it's good to be aware of these differences, because then you can also share them. Not only with your friends, but also with other people you love. So let's go to the golden tips for makeup:        

  • Firstly, if the celebration takes place during the day, pay close attention to preparing your skin. Be careful to invest, especially lightly, in the contrast between highlighter and bronzer. 
  • Likewise, when the wedding is at night, you should focus on brightness, working on the eyes with greater depth and several layers of color. Use closed tones on your lips too.
  • From the same point of view, women with dark skin should use eyeshadow in shades of gold, green and eggplant. For the mouth and eyes, use metallic tones. 
  • Likewise, if the bridesmaid has dark skin, she should add volume to her eyes, using dark shadows to highlight the crease. To create a beautiful contrast with the highlighter and blush, apply the bronzer below your cheeks.   
  • Furthermore, bridesmaids with fair skin should opt for makeup in just one color and also tone to highlight the mouth and eyes. Our suggestion is shades of champagne, orange and also pink. 

Tips on how to do makeup easily

Undeniably, bridesmaid makeup requires some products. Among them: Brushes, concealer, foundation, highlighter, pressed powder, bronzer, eyeliner, pencil, blush, mascara, eye shadows, lip liner and, mainly, lipstick.  

After cleansing your skin, apply the foundation. On the eyelids you must spread the concealer, moving it up to the cheeks. If you want, cover freckles, marks and pimples with it. Using light taps, set the compact powder on your face.   

With bronzer, highlight the curvatures of your face. The next step is to create some points of luminosity on your face, using the highlighter. Finally, to highlight your cheekbones, you should use blush, between highlighter and bronzer.

Discover some apps that can help you with this

Certainly, the “YuFace MakeUp” app is one of the best options for you to rock your bridesmaid makeup. Not only because it's free (although it has paid options), but also because it's available for Android and iPhone smartphones.

Undeniably, the “MakeUpPlus” app is another excellent alternative for iPhone and Android phones. It's free and even allows you to use your smartphone's camera to take a photo and simulate makeup. This makes it very easy and fun, right?

“Perfect365” is another fantastic option for iPhone and Android smartphones. It has a free version with good features. However, if you want to invest a little, you can unlock all of the app's other features.

Discover now the best of the best apps to help you rock 

Without a doubt, the best application is “YouCam Makeup”, being one of the most downloaded bridesmaid makeup apps. In the Google Play Store app store alone, it has more than 100 million downloads. It's simply fantastic.

However, despite being free, it offers the option to invest monthly or annually to unlock all features. Even the paid option is a huge advantage and allows you to save a lot when it comes to makeup.

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Very good! If you've made it this far, you already know everything about how to save money on makeup and, most importantly, you already have valuable tips in your possession. Now, becoming the most beautiful bridesmaid at the party is just a matter of time. See you soon.