Buy airfare – See how to buy through the website and the app

Going to travel and want buy air ticket cheaper, with unmissable discounts and promotions that will make you smile from ear to ear? Very good! We'll "give you a hand" with that, for sure! 


In this article, we will show you many options to travel to your destination safely and comfortably. And all this in the comfort of your home, using your computer or your cell phone.

To buy airfare saving time and money, just read this article until the end. We'll tell you everything in detail and you can rest assured to make the best purchase for your business trip, vacation or the trip of your dreams! 

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Skyscanner: a platform used worldwide

That's right! Everywhere in the world people use the Skyscanner website or app to buy airfare. It offers many promotional package options and cool features like the “multi-destination option”.


The user receives alerts by e-mail about changes in the prices of airline tickets and also any changes in the segments of the chosen destination. Payment for purchased airline tickets is not made on the Skyscanner platform.

They are made in the airlines themselves and in travel agencies. This allows for better discounts and differentiated payment terms, which change from one company to another. Search now and find the best prices!

123 Miles: up to 50% discount to buy airfare

If you're the type that travels a lot and likes to earn miles, the company “123 Milhas” might be what you were looking for, after all, it's not every day that you can buy a plane ticket for half the price, is it?  

But if you don't have miles, don't be sad! There are discounts for you too, as the platform offers travel packages at very affordable prices. There are many options of destinations that you find here. 

The company provides access to purchase the airline ticket through the website and also through the application. Go to your smartphone's app store and compare the values. 

Kayak: compare the best prices and buy your ticket

If what you want is to buy cheaper airfare, Kayak emerges as a true salvation for travelers who have enough flexibility in dates and times to travel.

Either through the website or the app, the platform shows all the values for a certain date that has been simulated, even offering other options that may even be cheaper with dates close to the chosen one.

Do you want to earn discounts of up to 35% to buy airfare? Then register on the site and become a member. Just enter your email and the other information requested.

Take off – comfort to buy airfare

When it's time to make your long-awaited trip, you can easily find a cheap airline ticket here. Searched, found and booked. That simple! It doesn't matter if your destination is inside or outside Brazil.

Offering ease and security, Decolar offers you the option to buy airline tickets through its website and also through the application for Android and iOS cell phones. Download right now!

Enter the destination, set the date to go and return, choose the best time. And if by chance you want to find fantastic deals, you can choose to take advantage of the prices of promotional airline tickets at dawn.

Discover other good options

Of course you need to know more about buying ticket airline in the easiest and cheapest way. That's why we'll show you below other options for you and your family to plan everything very carefully. See some of them:

  1. MaxMilhas: the ideal company for those looking to buy their ticket using accumulated miles or even sell miles to complement the purchase. Even if you don't have miles, you'll be able to buy discounted airfare using the website or app.
  2. Google Flights: is a wonderful option for those looking for “cheap flights”, as it offers hundreds of airlines, making it easier for the user to find the best among the best offers. It has an interactive map indicating the various destinations across our vast world. 
  3. Submarino Viagens: if you like to prevent yourself from any complications on your trip, buying tickets through a Brazilian company is ideal, after all, communication in your native language, at these times, is everything! It is considered one of the best sites to buy airfare and also offers an application for your cell phone.
  4. eDreams: an excellent option for those looking for destinations in Europe and even better if you are already in a European location, making plans to travel between your cities, as it often offers “flash deals” with breathtaking prices. 
  5. CVC: here you can also buy airfare through the company’s website or by downloading the “My CVC” app. And it's not just tickets, but also selecting destinations, types of accommodation, as well as restaurants and other great features.

If you still want more, you can also search the app store on your cell phone and find other interesting options, such as: “ViajaNet”, “Cheap Flights”, “Voopter”, “Passagens Imperdíveis” and “eDestinos”, among others. others.

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Now that you know everything about how to buy airfare online or through the app using your cell phone or your computer, you have no more excuses to stay at home on vacation. Let's travel?