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In the days we live in, it has become increasingly difficult to get jobs and internships. In addition to the scarcity of vacancies in some areas of the labor market, there is also a lack of capitation of those interested in the vacancies available.

This fact makes it more difficult to hire people to perform the actions of the profession in question. When the desire is to work with eyelash extensions, this course is essential! For those who are interested in the area, we are here to help you not to enter unemployment statistics due to lack of training!


Because today we are going to talk about a course that is not so popularly known, however it has a tendency to grow, since we know that there is growth in the field of aesthetics in the days we live in, because body care and appearance has increased nowadays.

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The main advantage of this course that we can mention is that this course can be taken by computer, via the internet, adding more knowledge to your curriculum and pushing you ahead of other people who are interested in the area in which you are specializing, you helping you get a promotion at your current job and may even count as extracurricular hours!

eyelash extension course

The Eyelash Stretching course has the purpose of qualifying those interested to perform the function in which the student who sought the course has the need.


To help you, we can say that those interested must have a graduation course in aesthetics or be from the same area. It is interesting that he is literate, so that he can follow the booklet and the information contained therein in the best way.

It is also worth explaining that this is a professional course, therefore it requires commitment to the classes and dedication on the part of the student. Did you like this course and want to know more? Let's talk more about this exceptional course!

The professional who does eyelash extensions has a duty to help increase the volume of eyelashes and their size. Thus beautifying the client and offering well-being with their appearance and with the treatment given. 

Why is this course important?

The course is very relevant, because it is in it that you will acquire some necessary skills so that you can deal with situations that may arise in the maintenance and operation of computers.

In addition, the interested student receives training, such as: What is eyelash lengthening, its history and stretching techniques.

In addition, in the course you may be entitled to a certificate that is equivalent to the hours you spent studying, ranging from 08h to 280h. Having legal basis by Presidential Decree nº 5.154 and having methodologies that follow MEC norms.

The issuance of this certificate is possible after certain prerequisites, such as: completion of the full workload, completion of the test, obtaining a score equal to or greater than 6.0 and payment of a fee. 

What topics are covered in the course?

In this course, subjects such as: introduction to the course, eyelash lengthening, techniques that exist, thread-by-thread stretching, thread bonding techniques, various sizes of threads and tufts, contraindications for the procedure will be addressed.

How to remove artificial eyelashes, theories and practices of eyelash lengthening thread by thread, stretching with tufts and Russian stretching, as well as a biography for better access to the contents to be studied.

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The eyelash extension course is a course for anyone looking to be the best in their field, standing out in the crowd.

We can say that this course is important for training and practicing the profession. Because it is through this course that you will acquire knowledge to work in companies in the area or even autonomously, changing your life!