Free Online Automakeup Course – Learn how to do it


The free online makeup course aims to train students to perform the function for which they were hired. It is also important to point out that this course has the purpose of training those interested and transforming them into professionals, therefore it requires commitment.

The difficulty in looking for jobs is a reality, however we must be aware that there are also some vacancies available, but the lack of trained professionals for some positions is real, for this reason professional training is of real importance, being a differential at the time of hiring. interview, because whoever has a qualification tends to be the best professional in their field.


For your training, practice is necessary, adding the necessary knowledge so that the function can be performed with mastery, helping you to get a new job, a promotion in your current job and even being able to count as extracurricular hours!

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The free online makeup course has a self-explanatory name, it is for people who feel some difficulty when they need to get ready to go out, but who don't like or don't have the time/money to be in a beauty salon. 

But what does this professional do?

This professional has in his training all the base for a make-up suitable for different skin tones.


In addition to learning how to prepare the skin correctly - clean the skin, tone and moisturize so that the skin has its best texture to receive makeup and that the foundation can better settle on it.

This professional uses techniques to better choose the right foundation tone, outline eyebrows, contours and necessary lighting so that the skin is exposed in the best way. 

Why is the course important?

The course is highly relevant, as it is where you will gain skills preparing you to better deal with situations that may arise in future appointments.

In addition to the fact that students in this course will learn to take care of their skin in advance, create wonderful effects for the face and refine it, they will learn to highlight facial elements such as the eyes and nose and to use the materials that best match their your skin.  

Bearing in mind that the course aims to enable the student to exercise the profession, it also helps to develop independence.

Encouraging the workforce, being able to work in beauty salons or in other places that offer the necessary infrastructure, being able to be hired, but also being able to work as a freelancer in your own home or attending home, for example. 

What subjects will be covered in the course?

The subjects covered are related to the introduction to makeup, history of makeup, how to clean the skin, which brushes are suitable for makeup, skin preparation, primer.

Foundation, concealer, face powder, blush, eyes, lipstick, false eyelashes, the importance of removing makeup, ways to make makeup last longer, makeup for work.

Makeup in the present day, the importance of sunscreen, step by step Makeup in Shades of Blue, with glitter for Party, blue and gold, purple and pink, blue and purple and Orange and Black. In addition to all this, the bibliography will be available for you to have access to when studying.

The auto-makeup course is a course for anyone looking to be the best professional in their field.

Bearing in mind that it gives all the qualification and support for the exercise of the techniques that are extremely important, because it is through this course that you will acquire knowledge.

To access the course, go to ➡  Automakeup course

To work in companies in the area or even autonomously, changing your life! It is important to emphasize that the good execution of the techniques learned is extremely important, because it is through them that you will obtain the best makeup!