Download Christmas Songs – Discover the best apps and download

What about download christmas songs on your cell phone and computer and spend unforgettable moments this end of year? We think this is a wonderful and excellent idea. We're sure you are too.


After all, we are talking about the happiest time of the year in our lives and you have to agree with us that, music in our lives is all good. Therefore, when we suggest adding more emotion to such a good time, the result can only be good.

There are many apps and websites where you can download Christmas music. We are going to show you all of them so that your end of the year moments with the people you love will be memorable for many years to come. Learn more by reading this article.

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Discover some fun facts about the symbols of Christmas

In addition to the birth of Jesus, Christmas brings with it some symbols that we see every year in this celebration. Find out what they mean, how they came about and be the center of attention this Christmas by sharing their meanings with your family and friends.


The nativity scene was created by San Francisco de Assis for the first time in a theater presentation. Santa Claus came about because of Bishop São Nicolau, who gave gifts to poor children. Giving gifts is tradition because of the 3 wise men who presented Jesus.

Serving turkey is a traditional custom adopted from Thanksgiving dinner in the United States. Christmas balls were created to replace stones and apples that were previously tied at that time in pine trees. Are you ready to download christmas songs?

Do you know the oldest Christmas carols and when they appeared?

It is said that in 1818, more than 200 years ago, the world's first Christmas carol appeared. Do you risk saying which song is this? If you thought or said “Silent Night”, then you were right on target. It was first created and sung in Obendorf, Austria.

The end of the year is a real mix of Brazilians and foreigners. Maybe even in your own family there are relatives and friends who are from other countries. Have you ever thought how cool you can put some songs he knows? Discover the best songs:

  1. Among the best Brazilian Christmas songs are: So it's Christmas, Happy night, Peace, Christmas every day and Today is Christmas
  2. For those who like to listen to songs in English, some good options are: Jingle bells, We wish you a Merry Christmas, Let it snow, Jingle bell rock and White Christmas.
  3. For the more cultured, there are also songs in Latin: Adeste Fideles (Portuguese Anthem), Ave Maria, Dixit Maria, Veni Veni Emanuel and Gaudete
  4. For Italians, we highlight the best of the best: Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle
  5. For those with fancier friends and relatives, there are options in French: Gloire Noël, Cantique de Noël, Les anges dans nos campagnes and Minuit, Chrétiens.

See how cool. Now you know the best Brazilian and international songs to make your Christmas party this year the best party of your life. We will now bring you the best tools for you to download Christmas music.

Discover some apps to download Christmas songs

An excellent application for you to download Christmas songs this end of the year and that you cannot miss on your Android cell phone is the “Canções e Músicas de Natal” app. There are several songs for children and adults.

“Free Christmas Ringtones” is a wonderful app choice for iPhone cell phone owners. In addition to downloading countless songs, the app lets you program some of them as a ringtone and message option on your smartphone.

Other options are: “Christmas Countdown with Songs” (for Android), “Christmas Countdown” (for iPhone), “Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper” (Android) and “Christmas Tree” (iPhone). Go to your app store and meet them all.

Some great sites to download Christmas music for free

If you're out of space on your smartphone to put one more application and you just want to download Christmas songs for free on your computer or notebook using the internet for this, then below we'll leave you with some great alternatives.

Just open your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explore, Mozilla Firefox) and type the following names: Merry-Christmas, New Christmas Music, Feels Like Christmas and Free Christmas Mp3.

Other good options for you to try are: Songs of Praise, O2MP3, Paste Magazine, New Hope Music, Christmas Gifts, SongsLover, Uwe-Hermann, among others. Wow! How many options have we given you here. Can you choose the best one? We do! Find out below.

We have chosen the best app for you to download and listen to your Christmas carols

We chose theChristmas Songs and Songs” as the best app for you to download Christmas songs on your cell phone. It is available for Android phones and you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

If you own an iPhone, don't be sad. We recommend, in your case, another app that we consider to be the best for anyone with an iOS smartphone. It's the “Christmas Songs” app. Go to the App Store right now and download it.

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Ready! Now the end of year festivities with your family and friends are complete. How about downloading one of these options right now and starting memorizing the lyrics of songs to look good at parties? We hope you enjoyed it. See you soon.