Effects on tiktok – Discover the best effects and filters

You already know all effects on tiktok? With them, you can change your images and videos, making them prettier and more fun, in addition to being a hit on this social network, which is an absolute success among its users.


If you want to view videos and photos in the traditional way, you don't even have to do much. Any application allows this. However, using that magic to gain a lot of followers every day is something I'm passionate about. And TikTok is magical!

Effects on tiktok conquer, involve, captivate and fall in love. It's practically impossible to resist them. The possibilities are countless and the satisfaction you get when you receive a like or a new follower is priceless. Read the article and learn more!

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tiktok app: a worldwide phenomenon

It was nothing less than the most downloaded smartphone app worldwide in the year 2020. Wow! There is no doubt that you will be successful using the effects on tiktok, isn't there?


Many people already have this application on their cell phone, however, for some, it may be the first time they hear about it. If that's your case, here's some basic information about the app. But be careful, know that you are about to fall in love!

In summary, tiktok has become a social network, where the creation of short videos is allowed, with the addition of sound effects and music in its editions. Everything you create can be shared with other users and followers.

Meet 2 effects on tiktok that will make your followers have fun

“Cat AR” is our first effect. With it you can insert a beautiful and fat kitten in your photo, wherever it is pointed. You will get a good laugh out of your followers, be sure of that.

“Balada” is the second of the best tiktok effects we want to show you. It's amazing how your body and face will be flashing and constantly changing colors. That's awesome! Try it!

Some app features are out of this world

That's right! Some of the effects options in tiktok will make your photos and videos look like they are out of this world. If you want to surprise or even scare your friends, check out the effect features below.

The “Monster” effect will make your friends' hearts race, after all, they are looking at a beautiful face and suddenly an ugly monster appears on the screen. Another effect is the “Stylish Alien” that will make sure your friends that you came from another world.

Tiktok: an app for those who are in love

Who said that love is a subject to be taken seriously? Don't people who have fun and laugh at life also love? Of course yes! So here are 2 tiktok effects that will make your friends fall in love.

“Fake Boyfriend” inserts a handsome and passionate doll in your photo that caresses your hair. The “Wheel of Love” effect can elicit laughs or sighs, depending on your luck. Click on the screen, spin the wheel and find out!

See now excellent options for filters and effects on tiktok

Now that you know a little about the effects on tiktok and met at least 6 filter options, which we showed above, we are sure that you will become the center of attention in groups of friends.

However, there is still much more to come. tiktok is an endless source of filters and resources, so read on and you'll be amazed at everything you can do, using just your cell phone and your creativity. See more effects:

  1. A Few Moments Later: This filter is super fun if used correctly in your videos. This expression, translated into Portuguese, means “a short time later”. It will get laughs and generate some suspense, separating two different moments of your video.
  2. Interrogations: You are not required to understand or laugh in every video. Looking like a thinker or giving a questioning look is super valid and can make your followers laugh. For that reason, use this effect and see how your friends react.
  3. Custom Meme: this is one of the most popular tiktok effects, as it allows you to create a meme that can go viral on the net. Use your creativity starting with a sentence and ending with a very suggestive image. Try it and have fun!
  4. Smiling Face: Who said that to be funny it has to be a very well-crafted effect? This effect is real proof of that. Its simplicity is such that it immediately becomes funny. Just use all your creativity and enter it at the right time. There will be laughs on top of laughs!

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Ready! Now yes, you've already seen a lot about tiktok and we advise you not to wait any longer. If you want to download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store. It is free! We're sure you'll have a lot of fun with everything you'll find in the app.