Family financial control application - Control your finances

Of course, talking about a family financial control app It's something that must be very interesting to you, isn't it? Especially if what you're looking for is an efficient way to control how much you spend every month.


After all, not everyone was born with the gift of being financially controlled. In reality, there are rare people who are disciplined and also manage to achieve good results in the financial area. Are you one of them?

Having a family financial control app is undeniably a good thing even for those who can manage the financial area well. No doubt you would agree that everything that's good can get even better, correct? Know more about the subject.

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Some relevant information on this subject

Surely, you should know that, constantly, some financial institutions do research on this subject. After all, based on these results, a family financial control application becomes necessary.


Surprisingly, the result that most calls our attention and arouses our curiosity is the fact that, not only do Brazilians not know how to save money, but they also do not prepare for the future. This is extremely worrying!

One in ten Brazilians fits this situation. Furthermore, when we look at the situation collectively and also as a family, the results are no better. Undeniably, it takes discipline and knowledge to change this situation.

Besides a family finance app, what else do you need?

First, having a family finance app downloaded onto your smartphone today. Even more so if you want to start getting quick results. Do not hesitate! It will help you not only save money, but also plan your future.   

In the same way, as a second step, you should seek to study the subject. On the internet there are many tips and articles on individual and family financial control. Dedicate 5 minutes a day to study about it. Get started today!  

Likewise, the third step is to be disciplined. That simple! And, above all, stop making excuses! Today! Now! Stop making excuses like the ones you'll see below, listed as the main barriers to financial progress:     

  • “I can't”, “I don't know how to do this”, “this is very difficult”, “I don't understand anything about finances”, “my parents didn't teach me this” and also “I've tried several times and I don't know how to do it” . 
  • Every time you repeat these affirmations your brain not only registers it, but also starts creating this reality in your life. Change that today. 
  • Also stop making other types of excuses like: “I don't understand anything about technology”, or, “these applications are difficult to use”, or even “I don't need applications, because I keep all my expenses in my head”.
  • There are currently many options for you to choose from among financial control apps. See them all below and choose the best one for you. Do something different than what you've done so far to get different results in the future.

How about getting to know some app options now?

Remember the names of family finance apps that will appear below, because they will inevitably change your life. Not only remember them, but also research and test some of them. It's success for sure.

“Organizze” and “Guia Bolso” are our first two recommendations. Everything you need to start organizing your financial life is in them. Not only on a personal level, but also on a family level. Download one of them right now.

In the same way, the following other applications are very efficient in this regard: “My Savings”, “Olivia”, “Monefy”, “Money Lover”, “Toshi Finance” and also the “Easy Budget” app. Each offers different and amazing features.

Discover other great family financial control app options

Undoubtedly, the 8 options above can already make you satisfied. In fact, only one of them can change your life for the better. A financial control application, when well used, has this characteristic and you will be extremely happy. 

However, we still have other alternatives and we suggest that you take the time to research each one. Understand that this is not “spending time”, but “investing time” so that you have more money in the future. Believe me, it will be worth it!

See the other apps we recommend: “CoinKeeper”, “Money Manager”, “Expense Daily”, “Spendee”, “Original Daily Budget”, “My Budget”, “Wisecash” and also “Expense IQ”. 

We've saved the best of them all for last.

Surprisingly, we found that the “furniture” is the best family financial control application that exists today. This is because it offers the possibility of using it in the web version as well. The app has a free and paid version.

Certainly, it can be considered “the best” because it is used by more than 7 million people all over the world. Don't worry, it has a Portuguese version. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store right now and download it. 

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Undeniably, if you've made it this far, you have excellent homework to do. Without a doubt, to change something in your life, make the decision to do it right now. We are sure you will. We wish you luck. See you soon.