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Have you ever heard of the free SENAI courses Roberto Mange? There is a very high probability that the answer to this question is YES. However, if your answer was negative, don't worry, as we will explain everything to you.


After all, everything related to work and making money has become an interesting subject and should be taken very seriously, since a small action in the professional area can mean more money in your pocket.

Taking one or more free SENAI Roberto Mange courses can not only add financial value to your life, but also life wisdom. If this subject sparked your interest, read this article and find out more. Good reading.

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69 years of dedication, commitment and great works

You may never have heard of Roberto Mange if you weren't one of the students who took a technical course to this day. But he was a very important character in the history of teaching in Brazil.


He was an engineer who was born in Switzerland in 1886 and arrived in Brazil in 1913 to be a mechanics teacher and revolutionize vocational guidance, becoming years later one of the creators and founders of SENAI.

For this reason it is impossible to talk about him without relating the enormous progress and life changes he brought to us Brazilians, especially with regard to the free SENAI Roberto Mange courses.

Do you know the National Industrial Learning Service?

Of course, to talk about the free SENAI Roberto Mange courses, we will clarify, among other things, the meaning of this acronym, which has made such a difference in the lives of Brazilians, since its creation in 1940.

In addition to Roberto Mange, two other characters played a direct role in its creation. They were engineers Euvaldo Lodi (born in Ouro Preto/MG) and Roberto Simonsen (born in Santos/SP).

Therefore, for more than 80 years, SENAI has been dedicated to supporting innovation and technology in industries of all sizes, providing technical learning through initiation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Why is it important to take one or more free SENAI Roberto Mange courses?

If you are interested in taking at least one or more free SENAI Roberto Mange courses, it is because you have already thought about changing your professional life for the better. And in that case, we congratulate you for that, because learning something new is great.

In addition to showing concern for your learning and professional future, like millions of Brazilians, you show intelligence and open up a world of possibilities for your professional career to take a leap.

Our country has gone through countless crises and most of us have found ourselves impacted professionally and financially due to the pandemic. For this reason, studying a professional course can help you stabilize yourself in a profession.

Discover the free SENAI Roberto Mange courses

Of course, if you've made it this far, you must be hoping to learn about all the free SENAI Roberto Mange courses, especially those that are most sought after in 2022.

First, however, it is extremely important for you to know that there are numerous courses within the SENAI platform that, for the most part, are paid, for this reason, be aware of this detail.

Another important point to highlight is that SENAI offers distance education courses. Check out some of the courses you can find on the website below, by selecting your state, to sign up and study for free:

  • Logistics Technician, Basic Excel, Information and Communication Technology, Architectural Design, Production Assistant and Metallurgy Technician Apprenticeship Courses.
  • Electrical Technician, Conscious Energy Consumption, Welding Technician, Basic Notions of Automotive Mechanics, Metrology and Mechanical Technician.
  • Unveiling 5G, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Circular Economy, Preparation for the World of Work, Privacy and Data Protection (LGPD), Undertaking SENAI and Unraveling BIM.
  • Unraveling Industry 4.0, Precision Mechanics Technician, Personal Finance, Unraveling Blockchain, Occupational Safety, Ceramic Technician among others.

Discover the application that will change your professional and academic life

To keep you up to date with everything, we suggest checking out the app “SESI SENAI Generation”. It is one of the most incredible applications for anyone who was, still is or intends to be a SENAI student in the near future.

Through it you have access to exclusive information, countless tips that can be used in your day-to-day work, access many stories that will inspire you and you can even compete for many prizes. Cool, huh?

Visit our website and check out our tips for courses.

Ready! Now you know a lot about the free SENAI Roberto Mange courses and also a little about the history of this institution that has been transforming lives for years. Find the unit closest to you and study hard. Good luck!