Free Music Apps – Discover and download the best apps

No matter the time of year, having free music apps on your cell phone is a real gift for your ears, isn't it? In this article we will bring some good options for you to be very satisfied.


Most people agree that listening to music is good and if it is possible to listen to these songs and download them without spending anything on it, what is already very good becomes even better.

With the incredible options of free music apps that you will discover here, your life will get even better. Be prepared to transform your music collection into something that your friends will envy. Read the article and find out more. Good reading!

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Incredible curiosities for those who are passionate about music

There are now millions of music lovers around the world. There are currently almost 8 billion human beings in the world and it is certain that the majority are interested in free music apps. However, first let's learn some interesting facts about music.


Did you know that music appeared in the world around 60,000 BC and that the first instrument found was a flute dating back to 3,000 BC? “Hino Hurrita nº 6”, composed 3,400 years ago, is considered the oldest song in the world.

With regard to music streaming services, it is estimated that the first sharing and availability of music using the international computer network (internet) was in 1999 via the Napster platform. Incredible, isn't it?

You Tube Music: our first recommendation

You may have already downloaded this app on your cell phone to watch videos, however, for a few years now it has been among the best free music apps in the world, did you know that?

It’s important for you to know that the word “free” has a price. For a platform to allow you to invest nothing to listen to music, some advertisers pay for it and you will have to see these ads. A fair price, don't you think?

In the case of You Tube, in the free version, you will not be able to listen to music in the background, that is, you will not be able to use any other application while listening to music and ads will be displayed periodically.

Jango app: simplicity and practicality in use

This application is not very well known among lovers of free music apps, which is why we bring it to your attention, betting that you will like it. Its main feature is the simple interface to use.

Of course, if it's simple, it ends up being quite practical to use on a daily basis. With it, you can search for styles of music that you like the most or even for topics such as sleeping, meditating, etc.

You can also search for new playlists from your favorite artists, selecting them in order of creation. The service is available for iOS and Android cell phones, which makes it very attractive. Go to your app store and download it right now.

Discover other good options for free music apps

Of course, suggestions for free music apps are not just limited to You Tube and Jango, despite both being highly appreciated by millions of users around the world. Below we will show you more options and at the end what we consider to be the best.

The third option we bring you is “Shazan”. You've certainly heard of it, because in reality it's much more than an app for listening to music. First of all, it has a function that recognizes the music that is playing. Cool, huh?

Additionally, you can synchronize Shazan with other applications to listen to your favorite tracks. It also suggests some music options, indicating what plays most in your city or even in your country. Discover other application options below:

  1. SoundClound: available for Android and iOS smartphones
  2. TuneIn: available for iPhone and Android phones
  3. Deezer: available to be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices
  4. SoundHound: available for iOS and Android smartphones

Spotify: one of the best free music apps

Of course, anyone who loves music already knows the app “Spotify”. After all, among free music apps, it is the most downloaded and used app in the world. You can go to your app store (Google Play Store and App Store) and download it now.

It can be downloaded on Android and iOS cell phones and its free version, like many of the streaming services offered, has advertisements that are offered at all times. Paid plans allow for great features and do not require ads.

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Ready! Now that you know everything about music apps, you can choose which one is best for you. We hope you liked our tips and enjoy it, after all, a life with music is much better, don't you think? See you soon.