Free Website Hosting – Learn how to host a website for free

Do you sell online? want to know about free website hosting? We are sure so, that is why we have brought here in this article excellent tips and precious information that will help you save a lot.


After all, undertaking business in our country is always a very big challenge, especially if we consider that we are among the countries that collect the most taxes in the world. In addition to taxes, there are a number of everyday expenses to consider.

For these and other reasons, free website hosting is something that should be of great interest to you, after all, who doesn't want to profit more in their professional activities? Want to know more? Then read the article until the end. Good reading!

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Why can it be important to learn about free website hosting?

Free website hosting is a subject that should interest everyone these days. After all, today you may be working in a company or something that has nothing to do with it.


However, who knows exactly what their future will look like? Of course no one. However, as Steve Jobs wisely said, you can only connect the dots in your life by looking backwards. And what does it mean?

That if you take the time today to learn a little about this subject, in your future you will be able to look back and see that this learning was extremely useful and made you earn money and improve your financial life. Ready to learn about it?

Everything you need to know to host a website

Free website hosting should be understood as a necessary means for anyone starting out in business in the virtual world. The information will be useful for anyone who has or wants to have a blog, a virtual store or a website.

When we talk about hosting a website, we basically mean renting a virtual space where your files will be stored, allowing your website to be up and running, online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Having free hosting, like everything else in life, brings with it advantages and disadvantages, so we have to be aware of each one of them so that we can decide between free hosting or hosting with cheaper costs.

What should you pay attention to when finding free web hosting?

Free website hosting is a matter that should be handled with great caution and attention, after all, everything has a cost in this life and the word free means that there are some risks that you have to consider.

Filling your website with too many ads is one of them. In cases like this others pay for what you are not doing. Storage limitation is also quite common and you will have to know how to deal with it.

Sometimes the speed is slow, the site may become unavailable, resulting in poor performance in general. But the most important thing is the security of your website. Even though it's free, quality free hosting should offer:

  1. A completely or partially ad-free hosting. This will not always be possible, but you can find a site where their display is not constant and excessive.
  2. Bandwidth and storage that is sufficient for a basic, simple website. That way, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your site will always be active and that you can count on enough space for any changes you might want to make.
  3. A good free hosting should allow the installation of website builders that are basic and that it is easy to even install some applications that may be more advanced.
  4. Control panels should be simple and easy to manage so that you can control and access your files and any other aspect of your web hosting space.

Know excellent options for you to analyze

There are many options that we can find for free website hosting, however, we have only brought here the ones that were considered the best by experts and that were tested by a team of analysts.

Our suggestion is that you search the internet for each one of them, that you analyze all the technical aspects and especially that you pay attention to the opinions left by users, after all, for each professional there is a different reality.

The first suggested option is “FreeHosting” which stands out for being flexible. “GoogieHost” is our second tip. “AwardSpace” is the third option. A “non-free” option but with great value and features is “InterServer”. We left the best for last. Check out.

Wix: The Best of the Best

If you are looking for free website hosting, the platform “wix” is the best you can find. There are millions of users around the world who attest to this, which is why it is featured here.

With it, there will be no need to worry about SSL certificates or how to install WordPress. It is extremely easy to use for any beginner and has 500+ template templates. Best of all, it's in Portuguese to make it even easier.

Visit our website and check out our tips for courses.

Very good. Now that you know everything about this subject, just start doing your research and in the end, you can decide whether you prefer Wix or one of the other hosting platforms that we suggest. We hope you enjoyed it. See you soon.