Rede Globo soap operas – Watch The More Life, The Better for free through the app

There is an application that allows you to watch the Rede Globo soap operas free of charge. Did you know that? Have you heard of it or do you know what this app is? If your answer was no, don't worry, we'll tell you about it in this article.


After all, we are all simply passionate about these soap operas that tell stories and the lives of characters and that are very similar to people we know in real life, including ourselves.

When we watch Rede Globo soap operas, it's often as if we were watching our own lives being lived by other people and that's really cool. If you want to know more about this app, read this article until the end. Good reading.

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Learn a little about the story behind so much success

When we see the success of Rede Globo soap operas, we often forget the remarkable path that was followed by the company called Rede Globo. Did you know that more than 200 million watch your programming every day? This is amazing!


This absolute success transformed Globo into the second largest commercial television network worldwide. Its coverage at a national level has more than 99% coverage, which, undeniably, shows that practically the entire Brazil has access to its programming.

In the month of April, Rede Globo celebrates its birthday and the ones who receive the gift, as always, are us, the viewers and lovers of its programming. This month she will turn 57 years old. Did you know that?

And speaking of Globo 2022 soap operas, remember old hits

It is practically impossible to deal with the topic of Rede Globo soap operas without thinking about how many soap operas we have all watched over the years. Certainly each of them brought many joys to our lives.

Surprisingly, they were not just joys, but a mixture of feelings and emotions as well. Who among us has never let tears run freely down our face or felt indignation when watching some remarkable scene?

As a result of these sensations awakened in us, we began to love each and every one of these soap operas. For this reason, they remained so present in our heads. Let's remember some of them:

  • In 1976 and 1997 we had the spectacular soap opera called Anjo Mau.
  • In 2005 we watched without taking our eyes off the screen the hit called Soul Gêmea
  • Portraying a very controversial subject at the time, in 2010 we had strong emotions with the soap opera 7 vidas
  • Another very controversial subject was the one brought up in the soap opera Barriga de Aluguel shown in 1990?
  • Globo has not only had controversies in recent years. Proof of this was the airing of the soap opera Vamp in 1991, which made us all laugh.
  • We all felt joy, tears and strong emotions in 1993 during the soap opera Mulheres de Areia, where the performance of some actors is still memorable.

Why do we like Rede Globo soap operas so much?

That's a very interesting question! We consider Rede Globo soap operas to be so good that the answer to this question ends up taking a backseat. These days, they're all wonderful, don't you think?

In the case of the soap operas “O Clone” and “O Cravo e a Rosa” that are being re-aired, we experience a mixture of nostalgia (for remembering facts and events from years ago) and joy (for seeing the characters acting again).

We also have 3 other masterpieces of Brazilian television: “Malhação Sonhos”, “ Além da Ilusão” and “Um place ao Sol”. And do you know which soap opera we chose as the best soap opera today? Check out our opinion below.

The best soap opera of all time

Among the Rede Globo soap operas, in our opinion, the soap opera “Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor” is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best soap opera of all time. Do you agree with us on this?

This soap opera deals with the lives of 4 people whose lives had never crossed paths before, however, thanks to a disastrous experience that shakes their lives, they gain a second chance to live.

Can you see any similarities with our own lives? How many chances do we have to start over and how many bitter experiences have we accumulated? It's no surprise that the soap opera has 86% public approval. We approve too.

How about you watch “Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor” for free using your cell phone?

Of course you think this is great! Download the app “Globoplay” and access all of Rede Globo’s programming live right now. The application can be downloaded for free on Android and iPhone cell phones.

If you want access to a more complete option, in addition to soap operas, accessing exclusive films and series, in addition to the blockbuster Big Brother Brasil, you can sign up for a paid subscription plan. Check the values on the Globoplay website.

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Ready! You now know everything about the Rede Globo soap operas and how to watch them for free using your smartphone. We hope you liked the tips. We wish you all the best. See you soon.