How to be a 99 app driver – Earn more money driving

How to be a 99 app driver is a question asked a lot by men and women in recent times. Especially after the pandemic period that our country, as well as the whole world, faced.


After all, there are several factors that lead both women and men to seek a new source of income. Together we also have people who do not own vehicles or who prefer to use a transport app to leave the house.

How to be a 99 app driver is a very important topic that can change your life from an economic and professional point of view. If you are interested and want to know more about it, read this article until the end. Have a good read.

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Some important information about our country

Before we continue with the guidelines that will help you discover how to be a 99 application driver, we thought it would be good to bring you some information that could help you understand how important this profession is.


We look first at the number of fines that grew in 2021, whether they are for drunken driving or for speeding. An app driver can help drivers get rid of this type of ticket.

The other important aspect is that the profession of app driver can become a new job for those who lost their job or even a new source of income to do on weekends or at another alternative time.

When App Drivers Appeared

It was in 2014 that the app driver profession gained strength here in Brazil. From then on, many people, women and men, wanted to know how to be a 99 app driver.

During the pandemic period, there was a sharp drop in the number of drivers, but according to information from the responsible bodies, the situation returned to normal at the beginning of 2021.

Another very important information is that from 2016 until now, the number of drivers working with the transport of people by application has almost doubled. This shows how much it meets people's needs as a good job.

The advantages and benefits of becoming an autonomous and independent professional

Of course, knowing how to be a 99 driver can bring many advantages and benefits. Some of them we have already brought to you in the paragraphs above. However, let's delve a little deeper into them.

The idea of going into more detail about this subject is not to convince you to change jobs or even that the app driver profession is such a good thing, however, this can help you decide if you are in doubt about it.

All these factors together can lead you to make a more assertive decision and, above all, to know how much you can change your current routine or professional situation at that moment. See the main advantages of the profession:

  • Having a very flexible routine: this means that you make your own schedules. At least people who work only in that profession do. Being able to wake up later or take a break to rest in the middle of the day are among the main advantages seen by drivers.
  • Working in alternative schedules: this applies a lot to those who already have a job in another area and need to generate extra income. Working at night for a few hours or even on weekends can be seen as a great option. It might even convince you to leave your current job to just act in that job.
  • Earnings proportional to performance: This is simple to understand, because, most of the time, the more you work, the more earnings you will have. Once you understand the routine well, you can increase your earnings significantly on days when your willingness to work is greater.
  • Immediate receipt: earnings happen daily, which makes it easy to always have an amount to pay your bills or even be able to count on an amount in your wallet.

Find out now how to be a 99 app driver

Well then, we come to what you were looking for when you started reading this article: how to be a driver and application 99. So far you've seen and learned a lot about the profession and must have come to the conclusion that it's a good deal.

There are two ways for you to register and be a 99 driver. The first is in person at one of the many service units, taking your driver's license with a license to carry out paid activity, your photo and car registration.

The car must be a 4-door and have air conditioning. Once the procedures have been completed, the 99 staff will analyze the documentation and get back to you within 5 working days. Go to the company's website and find the service unit closest to you.

Download the app to find out how easy it is to be a 99 app driver

You can also download the app "99 driver” and do all the procedures indicated above (in person) through it. You attach and send photos and copies of yourself and vehicle documents.

Once the approval arrives, you will become a registered driver and you will receive a card where you will accumulate the amounts received for your rides on a daily basis. It's all pretty cool, isn't it?

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Ready! Now that you know how to be a 99 app driver, nothing will hold you back. Just download the app, register and start earning money driving. We hope you enjoyed the tips. We wish you the best of luck. See you soon.