How to learn to play guitar online – Learn fast with this app

You know how to learn to play guitar online? Do not know? Didn't even know this was possible? Well, then prepare to be amazed by the information that we are going to bring here in this article.


The most important thing you need to keep in mind is this: it has never been easier and cheaper to learn to play the guitar. And this is only possible thanks to the wonderful technology that is present today.

You will find out how to learn to play the guitar online is very simple and easy. The best part about it is that it all just depends on you and an internet connection. Are you ready to rock and learn guitar? Then find out more by reading this article.

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Do you know the concept of “Multiple Intelligences”?

Before understanding and discovering how to learn to play guitar online, it is necessary to understand a very interesting concept that will literally make you smarter. It's a concept betrayed to us in the 1980's by a psychologist named Howard Gardner.


This concept is called “Multiple Intelligences”, which, in short, brings out that we are all smart and can learn anything without getting frustrated, once we understand that we are smart in different things.

According to Gardner, there are 8 types of intelligence and we have all present in us, however, only 2 of them are predominant in us. This explains why we find it easy or difficult to learn some things. Interested in the subject? Then find out more.

Musical intelligence makes it easy to learn how to play guitar online

When you put two children to learn the same thing, with the same workload, the same teacher and the same method and one of them stands out in relation to the other, there can be two reasons: dedication and the presence of a compatible intelligence.

To learn to play the guitar over the internet, if musical intelligence is present, much better, as you will learn faster and more easily. If you're not, it just means you're going to have to work a little harder to get it. But, everyone can do it!

There are now apps, tests and websites where you can find out which are your predominant intelligences and, especially, if musical intelligence is predominant in you. Know the 8 types of intelligence:

  1. Logical-mathematical: highlights the ability to do things through formulas, solve more complex problems and establish logical reasoning, in addition to being able to work with computers.
  2. Linguistics: it leaves latent in people the ability to learn languages, work with words, write well and speak eloquently.
  3. Musical: it is directly linked to the ability to feel attracted by sounds of nature, instruments and melodies, generating an ability to identify notes, timbres, create music and establish musical patterns.
  4. Naturalistic: brings wisdom to a person to deal with nature, animals and plants, allowing to interpret and classify them with ease.
  5. Bodily-Kinesthetic: for those who have it, there is an ease in using their own body to overcome challenges, as they have coordination, speed, balance. Very present in athletes.
  6. Spatial: people who have this type of intelligence can easily draw up schemes, maps, house plans. Very present in engineers and architects.
  7. Interpersonal: it awakens in those who have it an incredible ease in dealing with other people, working on empathy by understanding different facial expressions, postures, gestures and tones of voice.
  8. Intrapersonal: it awakens in the person an ability to self-understand and control their emotions. Psychologists, sociologists, writers are good examples of this intelligence.

Get to know 3 website options to facilitate your learning in the art of the guitar

The website “Cifra Club” is Brazilian and one of the best known among those passionate about learning to play instruments. It guides students through videos and provides many figures that teach how to learn to play the guitar over the internet.

“Jamorama” is our second option for you to learn online, and is highly recommended by those who have already learned. Create your profile on the site, interact with teachers and other students, learning with ease.

The third option that we highlight is the “Guitar Noise” site, which brings the art of playing the guitar in a very uncomplicated way, even though it is in English. You will find different ways of teaching with complete classes, as well as figures and podcasts.

Two more alternatives for you to really learn

You've already seen how learning to play guitar online can be easy and fun, especially if you're dedicated and disciplined, just like anything else. And you are like that. Therefore, we will present you with two more website options and an app.

The fourth website option is “Aprenderviolã” which has a simple but efficient structure, teaching everything about guitar chords and every detail of the guitar. Her classes are very didactic and completely in Portuguese to make your life and learning easier.

The fifth and final website option is the famous “You Tube”. In it you will find several channels of renowned teachers who will teach you to learn from the basics to evolve in this art in a very complete way. Are you ready to discover the app we promised?

Learn how to learn to play the guitar online using your cell phone

Do you know the app?Yousician”? When you download it to your smartphone, you'll discover how to learn to play the guitar online very efficiently. It's a fantastic app and, along with your dedication to learning, it will make all the difference.

It is available for Android and iOs phones and this platform is very good for beginners, for those who already play the guitar and want to perfect some techniques or simply to train what to learn through challenges and incredible interactions.

Visit our website and check out our tips for courses.

Each sound emitted by your guitar will be identified by the application that corrects or validates whether it is correct or not. It's amazing. Download it right now on your cell phone and use it for free. Ready! Now you know everything to learn to play. Good music and see you soon.