I Want a Graduate Scholarship – See how to earn discounts of up to 80%

Have you heard about the platform I want graduation scholarship? It is a portal aimed at those who have already completed high school and dream of attending college, but who do not have the financial resources to pay for it.


There are thousands of Brazilians who dream of graduating in a profession or conquering a better future, but this is not always possible given the financial conditions or even the family financial situation.

With Quero Bolsa Graduation, the student can get scholarships with discounts of up to 75% in several colleges throughout Brazil. If you have the dream of going to college and want to get a scholarship, read this article and learn more.

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Why is a degree important?

Not all high school graduates want to go to college. In fact, in recent years, interest has dropped significantly among teenagers and young people with a profile to go to college.


What many of them don't know is that when you take a higher education course, the job market opens its doors more easily and, in addition to everything, research shows that a professional with a degree can receive 38% higher salaries.

That is why the Quero Graduation Scholarship plays a very important role in this phase of choosing your college. It allows many young people to achieve better living conditions not only for themselves, but often for their entire family.

What is the Quero Bolsa platform?

Offering discounts to students who can reach 80%, the Quero Bolsa Graduation platform is a service that allows the dreams of thousands of people in Brazil to come true. The platform has been offering this service since 2012.

There are more than six thousand educational institutions throughout Brazil that operate in partnership with the Quero Bolsa platform. And if you think that it offers wonderful discounts only for graduation, then you are wrong.

It also offers the opportunity to get discounts on “graduate courses”, “free courses”, “languages”, “technical courses” and “basic education schools and colleges”. Just don't study here if you don't want to, right?

Advantages of the Undergraduate Scholarship

You must be wondering if the Quero Graduation Scholarship is really that good. The answer to your question is: YES! Or we could also answer: it's much better than you think.

The possibility of getting up to 80% discount on an undergraduate course is the biggest and most appreciated advantage that users of the platform point out. Also, it's not for less, is it? This makes it totally possible to complete your college.

Another advantage that makes students' eyes shine is that the discounts obtained last until the conclusion of the course and, for this reason, the student is sure and secure that he will reach the end and reach the goal of graduating. Discover other benefits:

  1. It has its own study material, in addition to offering students a vocational test that can direct them to the right career.
  2. It offers assistance in person, via telephone, online and also via Whatsapp, which makes communication much easier and more dynamic.
  3. To get a good discount, in most of the courses that the student chooses, it is not necessary to present the ENEM score.
  4. Proof of having low income is completely waived in order to win a scholarship, nor is there any selection process to get the scholarship.
  5. With the Quero Graduation Scholarship, the student is sure not to finish college still in debt, as usually happens in cases of student loans.
  6. The student can refer people or evaluate their college, thus gaining the advantage of having their monthly fee paid by the platform.  

Discover 3 exclusive and differentiated benefits.

In addition to everything you saw and loved above, there are some benefits that only a Quero Bolsa Graduation student can access. And you can have them all in the palm of your hand by downloading the app on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Meet them all.

The first of these is the “educational insurance”, which is completely free, offering greater flexibility in payment, in specific services and especially, the payment of a maximum of 4 monthly payments, in case you lose your job.

The “digital enrollment” is the second benefit, where your enrollment is carried out online, without having to go to the institution you chose to study. And the third benefit is the “I want a note” where you take the entrance exam on the platform and guarantee your discount.

How to get a scholarship on the platform?

Already downloaded the app I want scholarship graduation on your smartphone? No? So don't waste any more time and download it right now. Check below the best way to access your scholarship.

Access the website, choose the graduation modality and enter your data. Select a scholarship that fits your profile, read the important notices and pay the pre-registration fee that guarantees the discount until the end of the course.

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All you have to do is present your ENEM score, take the Quero Bolsa entrance exam or take the entrance exam at a private college. Ready! With a super discount, it's much easier to fulfill the dream of graduating. Good studies and good luck!