Income Tax 2022 – Learn more about how much you will pay

Surely you know that the deadline for the declaration of the Income Tax 2022 has begun. And that not only legal entities must make the declaration, but also natural persons must do so. Are you on time? 


First, it is important to make it clear that you can make your statement using an online program for this, so that you do not need to download or install any program on your computer. In addition, you can do it through the Government app

In order for you to know everything about the 2022 Income Tax, we recommend that you read this article until the end, mainly because the deadline has already started counting and you will not want to miss it. Good reading.

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The change in the 2022 Income Tax that did not happen 

Surely, you remember the campaign promises of current President Jair Bolsonaro, above all, the one with regard to correcting the 2022 Income Tax table. Well, he did not keep it, that is, nothing changes this year.


Undeniably, since taking office in the year 2019, the president has striven to carry out good government. However, some things did not go as planned, not only because of the pandemic, but also because of other factors that were not foreseen.

Just to give an example, if any adjustment had been made to the table, as promised, not only would 8 million Brazilians be exempt from the tax, but also another 16 million would not pay the tax this year.

Are you within the deadline for submitting your statement?

Firstly, it is crucial for you to know that the deadline for submitting the 2022 Income Tax return for Individuals began on March 7th. Therefore, the deadline is already running and you must be careful not to miss the deadline. 

Second, and no less important, is knowing that you have until April 29th to deliver your declaration, that is, there is plenty of time for you to do everything calmly, and also, in the correct way so as not to do wrong.

Third, you should know that the deadline is shorter this year, as the pandemic is no longer around. What's new is not only the pre-filled statement, but also the possibility of receiving the refund via PIX. 

Know now what is the schedule for the 2022 Income Tax refund

Undeniably, this is information that you will want to know, especially if, after closing your statement and also, having made all entries, it is found that there are amounts to be refunded.  

Surely, you know that the refund happens when the taxpayer identifies that there were deductions at source (usually on the salary) throughout the year and, at the time he submits the declaration, he finds that the tax payment was higher.

As a result of this finding, and also, according to the published table, you who are taxpayers will now be able not only to know when, but also to plan for receipt. Follow below:

  • The first batch of payment of the 2022 Income Tax refund will be paid on May 31. This lot will include not only elderly people over 60 years of age or people with physical or mental disabilities, but also people with serious illnesses and people whose main source of income is teaching.
  • The second batch of IRPF – Individual Income Tax refunds will begin to be paid on June 30th and, as a result of the date on which the returns were delivered, people will be contemplated for receipt from here.
  • Likewise, the other 3 payment batches will take place within the stipulated schedule. The third batch on July 29th. The fourth batch on August 31st. The fifth batch will be on September 30th. 

What you should know about Emergency Aid in relation to your statement

In order to inform you, it is good to know about Emergency Aid in 2021. Know that people who received it in 2021 must be attentive when making their 2022 Income Tax return. you will want to know this.

First of all, memorize the following value: R$ 28,559.70. Only those who received an amount greater than that amount should, undeniably, include in their declaration, the receipt of the benefit.

Therefore, we suggest that you be very attentive when filling out your declaration, as well as not making any mistakes in filling it out. In the same way, you will not need to redo it or even miss the deadline. 

Find out how to make your statement this year

Surely you have heard of the “My Income Tax” application. know more about it in your app store Google Play Store or App Store. The download is free. No doubt you will find all the necessary information there.

Likewise, you can fill out your income tax return, not only through the app, but also online through the e-CAC. This way, you don't need to install or download any program on your notebook or computer.

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Very good! Now you already know a lot about the 2022 Income Tax, and also about the dates for receiving the refund and deadlines for delivery. You will certainly start making your statement right now! Good luck and see you soon.