Interactive Classroom Apps – Find Out Which One Is Best

Have some on your cell phone interactive classroom apps has become something necessary nowadays. Attending classes from home, participating in online parent meetings or presenting work via video conference are normal now.


This was one of the events of the pandemic here in our country. We can even conclude that this was one of the few positive effects in this context. Brazil, which was so behind in this aspect of technology, is no longer.

Interactive classroom applications must be present on the smartphones of teachers, students and parents who want to monitor their children's performance in their school routine. We will show you some good options below. Good reading!

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Post-pandemic: the sad reality of education in Brazil

Let's understand some reasons why using interactive apps for the classroom is a smart move. To do this, let us look for information regarding education in our country. The numbers are scary and speak for themselves.


Research carried out recently, the results of which were released in June/21, show that in the public education network, there is a risk that 4 out of 10 students will stop studying. Overall, from 2020 to 2021 the percentage increased from 26% to 40%.

The sad reality is that 29% of the students learned nothing and 22% unlearned what they already knew. Therefore, any resource that technology can offer to improve teaching is valid. If you are a teacher or a mother and father, download some apps.

Class Dojo: millions of people in Brazil already use this platform

That's right! More than 10 million people have already surrendered to its resources. Among interactive classroom applications, it is one of the most downloaded today. Go to your Google Play Store or App Store now and download it yourself!

With it, educators create communities where students record daily learning moments. It allows the content given to be seen by parents, facilitating performance monitoring and interaction between them and educators.

Kahoot: one of the most different interactive classroom applications out there

The Kahoot app is very different, as it teaches and captures content through interactive games. Creating alternatives with multiple choices and using videos and images are great features that the app offers. It is available for Android and iOS.

Ranking among the most prominent interactive applications for the classroom, Kahoot is excellent for playing games and questions in groups, showing answers and resolutions in real time. Fantastic, isn't it?

Google Classroom: a strong and necessary tool in teaching

Among the advantages that interactive classroom applications can offer, real-time communication between educators, students and parents is the one that stands out the most. And in this aspect, Google Classroom is unbeatable!

With it, it is possible to create different classes, distribute tasks, promote debates and present topics through lectures. Students' questions and doubts are also easily clarified within the app.

Discover some more interactive apps for the classroom

We think the app “Google Classroom” is the best option so far among interactive classroom apps. With it, returning good education to the level it was at before the pandemic in 2019 will be easier. Download now!

In this line of reasoning, in addition to the 3 options listed above, we will show you other app alternatives that will also make a difference in combating “unlearning” in school education. Discover other applications below:

  1. Canva: teaching through unlimited infographics and visual resources is one of the best tools this app offers. Furthermore, the platform allows e-books to be created, edited and made available to students, allowing them to study with more quality. It has its own image bank and its use is quite intuitive. It can be accessed through computers or cell phones, which makes its use much easier. It has a free version to use, as well as a Premium version that is paid. It can be used on Android and iOS cell phones.
  2. Jamboard: this application works as a virtual whiteboard, allowing, among other available collaboration resources, notes to be taken, transforming them into documents that can be saved in the cloud and, later, can be shared with other devices (cell phones or computers ).  
  3. Trello: Application widely used as a project manager, through lists. Its main advantage is the organization of tasks carried out on a daily basis, whether the user is an educator or a student. Listing priorities so that studying is efficient is another feature widely used on the platform. Access can be done via smartphone (iOS and Android), as well as via the internet. It has two versions, one paid and the other free.

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Now that you know some of the tools available to help improve your children's or students' education, go to your app store and download some of them on your smartphone. Good luck and see you soon!