Free Internet – Find out how to save on monthly expenses

Every month we have an infinity of bills and knowing that it is possible to have free Internet on your cell phone is a real joy, isn't it? But, after all, how can we achieve this? It's quite simple.


Cellular operators have already offered this benefit for some time, similar to what happens outside Brazil, where operators from other countries also do it. It is a “win-win” system. You do something for the operator and it gives you the internet.

Having free internet is an excellent solution for those inconvenient times when your credit runs out right in the middle of a conversation or when you're watching something on your cell phone. Don't be without internet anymore. Read the article to the end and earn a lot of internet. Good reading!

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Do you know when the internet appeared in the world and when it arrived in Brazil?

It is clear that our head, at that moment, thinks of just two words: free internet. And that's right, after all, knowing how to achieve it will generate greater independence for you, which is wonderful. However, discovering new things is cool too.


And one of them is knowing that the internet you use today first appeared in the world in the United States in 1969 and it had another name, did you know that? It was called “Arpanet” and served to interconnect research laboratories. Just over 50 years old.

However, here in our country called Brazil, it took a little longer to arrive. It was only in 1981, 12 years after its emergence, that it began to offer its advantages to Brazilians.

What are the advantages and benefits of using it?

Of course, arguably, the greatest and most sovereign of all the advantages you will have with free internet is that of saving. Save for what? Well, to be able to use that value with other things that give you pleasure and joy.

But, is that really all there is to your advantage when it comes to accessing the world wide web (internet)? Of course not! Since it arrived in our lives, the internet has offered countless possibilities.

And, although you're only looking at one, it's important to know the universe of possibilities that the internet opens up in front of you. Be aware that using it can provide you with much more than simple savings. See what else it allows:

  1. Immediate access to information of any kind, anytime, anywhere.
  2. Approaching people from other places in Brazil and the world. And why not include here the possibility of you finding new friendships and a new love, who knows?
  3. The knowledge of new cultures and customs, which before was limited only to those who had access to a good library or people who had money and could travel the world.
  4. Development of new learnings and also to be able to watch movies and other programs.
  5. To download the songs you love so much.
  6. To apply for a good job vacancy and be able to better prepare for the interview
  7. Being able to talk and see in real time the people you love and who are far away.
  8. The possibility of being able to work and study from inside your home, using your computer or cell phone, even in times of a pandemic where people couldn't go out.
  9. And much more. Find out below how to get this true marvel called internet for free.

Use free internet through your mobile operator

That's right! All telephony operators here in Brazil (Vivo, Oi, Claro and TIM) offer their users the possibility of accessing the internet for free. Didn't you know that? So stay tuned for what follows below.

In public places such as large restaurants, food courts, parks or even airports, the internet is provided free of charge by these operators. All you have to do is select the operator's network and log in by entering your registration data.

In addition, there are campaigns available for some plans where you register, watch videos, answer questions and win internet packages that can reach up to 1GB. Go to the website or call your carrier and find out all about it now!

Wifi networks that are public and open are excellent options

Just above we dealt with it and here the way to access it is the same, but instead of looking for the network of your cell phone operator, here you use a network offered by the site itself.

If you live in a large city that has public transport service, they often offer an open share network where you can access the internet for free.

Bars, restaurants, shopping malls, condominiums, public parks and other similar places also do the same. The idea here is that you don't stop doing your things and to gain access, you just need to inform yourself in these places.

Meet an application to download on your cell phone and have free internet

Look how nice it is! Have you ever heard of "wifi finder”? No!? So you didn't know, until now, what you were missing. This app is the coolest thing you'll have on your phone for a while. You know what's even cooler? It's that it's free.

It is available for download on Android and iOS phones. It performs a search of all internet connection “public passwords” in nearby locations. In addition, you can even share the internet. It works all over the world. Wow! This is gem!

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Ready! We are sure that it was worth reading this article until the end. That way, you no longer run out of data to view your social network, send messages on Whatsapp or even have to interrupt your call. Good luck and see you soon!