Job openings 6 hours a day – See how it works

Did you know that searching job openings 6 hours a day can it be an excellent option if you are already working and want to have another occupation to supplement your income?   


Likewise, it is an excellent alternative if you are currently studying or even if you are out of work. This modality of work is very common among several companies and you can find your next job within this modality.

If job vacancies 6 hours a day are a subject that interests you, then read this article until the end, because we will suggest you excellent places where you can find them and start working quickly. Good reading!

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Discover some categories that have a workload of 6 hours a day

Finding job openings 6 hours a day is usually easier in some job categories, so find out which ones are most frequent and, if you fit into any of them, it will be much easier to find them:

  1. Activities related to journalism usually work up to 30 hours a week.
  2. For the most part, when you start at a company as an “intern”, you also tend to work 6 hours a day.
  3. Another area where you can find job vacancies 6 hours a day is “radiology”, where you can, in many cases, work up to 24 hours a week.
  4. If you have a vocation to be a hero, then you can look for a job as a “civilian firefighter”. However, it is good to know that in this category, professionals can work up to 36 hours a week.
  5. A much less exciting job, but one that also offers good jobs 6 hours a day, is the “banking” job.

Two other categories very often fit the type of job you are looking for: “health agents” and “telemarketing professionals”. Both work between 36 and 40 hours a week.

And where can you find these vacancies? On your own mobile! That's right! Get to know some job application options and websites and find your next job right now.

OLX: find jobs here 6 hours a day

The first website and application option that we bring you is quite different from what you might have imagined, isn't it? After all, you must be more used to using this platform to sell and buy things, than looking for work.

Know that you will be pleasantly surprised with OLX and the many job openings 6 hours a day that you can find here. You can even find a vacancy to work in the company itself. It would be nice, wouldn't it?

OLX offers its users more than 30 different areas, distributed in 14 different categories. It doesn't matter if your phone is Android or iPhone. The app is available for both. Go to the store and download now.

TAQE: a different way to find your next job

If we tell you that it's possible to find job openings 6 hours a day "playing" on your cell phone, will you believe us? Maybe not! But then you need to know the “TAQE” app.  

It is a game that is focused on helping job seekers to improve their professional skills, leaving you even more qualified for the job market.

The idea of the application is that you find a vacancy that fits perfectly to your profile. You can find the app to download in the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple Store (iPhone). Download the app now and find a job while having fun! several options for job vacancies 6 hours a day

This is an application that promises to provide its users with more than 10,000 job openings every day, throughout Brazil, for free. Amazing, isn't it? It's easier to find job openings 6 hours a day on such a platform.

Here you have more than three thousand companies spread across the country, advertising their job opportunities. All you have to do is search for the position, define the area of interest and other filters related to the vacancy you are looking for.

Another very cool feature is that you can even create alerts in the application, so that it notifies you by email when a certain vacancy arises. This app is available for Android and iPhone smartphones.

Discover other apps to find job openings

The 3 options listed above are excellent, however, to help you find vacancies job 6 hours a day faster, we will list other application options for you.

When it comes to finding your next job, you have to be quick, so we recommend that you download them all right now. Just go to your app store, and that's it! Discover other options below.

Visit our website and check out our tips for courses

“Infojobs”, “Linkedin Job Search”, “Empregos (Indeed)”, “Catho”, “Sine Fácil”, “Workana” and “Trovit”. Each of them has different characteristics and most of them you will find available for Android and iOS. Good luck!