Mental health – Discover 3 apps that will make you healthier

Do you know why it is important to take care of your mental health, in addition to always taking care of your body's health? Have you ever heard that phrase so often spoken by our parents and grandparents, which goes like this: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”?


There is a lot of wisdom in that phrase and there are people who claim that a lot of knowledge has been lost over the years, that's why there is so much unhappiness in the world and most people don't always manage to be happy and healthy.

Having a balance between mental health and physical health is extremely important and can change your life for the better with a few tips and hints. If you want to live better, read this article until the end and learn more about it. Good reading.

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Let's understand the difference between mind and brain

The subject addressed in this article is the importance of mental health, as we saw above, however, before entering this concept, it is relevant to know the difference between two words that many people confuse: mind and brain.


The brain is an organ in our body, responsible for many functions of our body, capable of generating all stimuli in milliseconds. The brain is physical and all animals have it, but humans are different for a reason.

And that reason is called "mind". Unlike the brain, the mind is not an organ but a concept. The mind controls the thoughts. The mind is your brain in motion. The mind and your thoughts build the life you lead.

Mental health and the illnesses that manifest in your body

To understand the importance of mental health, just look at the diseases that manifest in our body. As we saw above, our body and our mind are directly connected. What and how we think is too important!

Basically we have 3 types of diseases. The first type is the one that is already born with the person and that was originated during the formation of the fetus. The second type is the one that is caused by poor diet, lack of water, poor sleep, lack of physical exercise, etc.

The third type is psychosomatic illness, one that arises in the mind, derived from negative thoughts and feelings. It is born in the mind and manifests itself in the body. It is said that today, most of the existing illnesses are psychosomatic.

Know the success formula to keep your mind always in order

Your mental health is important for you to get better results in your life. And there is an infallible way for you to control these results, preventing them from being negative and encouraging them to be more and more positive.

The formula I am referring to and which you should always keep so that you constantly remember it can be defined by 4 letters: “P – S – C – R”. The 4 letters are related to the words: thoughts, feelings, behaviors and results.

In summary: your “thoughts” (born in the mind) form your “feelings”, which generate your “behaviors”, which determine the results you have in life. That simple! So keep your mind and watch your thoughts.

Discover some apps that help you take care of your mental health

We are currently living in a wonderful time, where technology is plentiful and it is very easy to have access to thousands of pieces of information. This can be good and bad at the same time, did you know that?

It's bad because access to sensationalist, lying information that only aims to stimulate anxiety, worry and fear is very bad for your mental health. We've already seen how much negative thoughts can harm you.

However, the bright side of technology is that you can count on some tools that help keep your mind balanced. Discover some apps that you can download on your smartphone or computer to take care of your mental health:

  • Our first recommendation is the “Cíngulo” app. He offers guided therapy sessions, which help to reduce stress, relieve anxiety attacks, control fear, lack of energy and improve your self-esteem, work with fear and lack of energy. It is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and has paid and free versions.
  • The second option is the “Happify” app. It promises to help its millions of users to live happier lives, with several very interactive and simple programs. It offers games, practical and fun activities that allow you to control anxiety and stress and take care of emotions. It is also available for Android and iOS phones and has a paid and free version.

Discover the best app to take care of your mental health

For us, the best app to take care of mental health is “Calm down”. It can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS smartphones. Go to your cell phone's app store right now, download it and experience all the benefits.

The app provides relaxing music, teaches exercises to improve breathing and offers several guided meditation programs. All this improves your concentration, decreases anxiety and benefits the quality of your sleep.

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With it you can access sounds of rain, bonfire and ocean waves, practice mindfulness, perform body stretching exercises and access many stories to sleep well. He is wonderful. We hope you enjoyed the tips. See you soon and take care.