Netflix 2022 – Find out which are the best movies to watch right now

New year, new life and lots of news in Netflix 2022 for you to enjoy and enjoy all that is best on the greatest streaming platform of all time. A successful recipe for many years, it remains unbeatable in Brazilian tastes.


Of course, it is not just here in Brazil that it is successful, but all over the world. For those who are passionate about movies and series, you know that there is a guarantee of quality programming for all tastes.

Netflix 2022 is full of surprises that this year promises to make its millions of users even more loyal. It doesn't matter if you are one of them or not. You'll like to know what's next. Read the article to the end and learn more.

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25 years of success delighting all kinds of people

Did you know that when we talk about Netflix 2022 we are simply talking about a company that has been delighting its users around the world for 25 years? We imagine that, like us, this information surprised you.


That's right! The company emerged in 1997 in the format of delivery of DVDs by mail in the United States and, since then, has become the most watched film and series platform in the world.

Today, it is estimated that there are more than 220 million subscribers distributed in over 190 countries worldwide. We are sure that you are one of them and, like us, you are extremely pleased to be part of this universe of fans.

Learn about the main advantages and benefits of the platform

Of course, there are many, many advantages to being a subscriber to the platform, in addition, of course, to the many Netflix 2022 news that we will bring in this article. Be aware here that until the end you will be delighted.

There is an artificial intelligence within the platform that suggests you which are the best options based on other series and movies you've watched, that is, you don't even have to look for other similar options.

Another advantage is that you have a huge collection within the platform. It is estimated that there are more than 4,000 options between films and series of different genres. It's a lot, isn't it?

There are several plans for you to choose from.

Before proceeding with the Netflix 2022 schedule, if you are a subscriber to a specific plan or are not yet, we bring here the types of plans for subscribers of the largest streaming platform in the world.

The basic plan that the platform offers is very suitable for all tastes, especially for those who prefer to watch movies and series using their cell phone or who only need one profile.

The standard plan allows you to watch two screens at the same time with slightly better quality. The premium plan allows 4 screens to be watched at the same time and the streaming quality is amazing. Values are different. Search.

Discover the main highlights of Netflix 2022

Anyway, we got to what you were looking for: everything you can expect from Netflix 2022. Of course, it's still the beginning of the year and much more is certainly yet to come.

However, if the platform is to follow the successful recipe that it has shown its subscribers for many years, there is no reason to worry, that is, only the best will appear on your screen during that year.

Among films and series, for adults and children, this year's programming will be unforgettable. Are you ready? So find out below the best options to enjoy this year:

  • New in January 2022: “A Quiet Place”, “Sweet Revenge”, “Memory of a Crime”, “My Lime Orange Tree”, “Yesterday”, “Mother X Androids”, “Turning the Table”, “The Origin of the World”, “Indecent”, “This Is No Comedy”, “The Royal Treatment”, “Munich: On the Edge of War”, “The Banquet”, “Rebel”, “The Club: Part 2”, “ Hype Mansion”, “After Life: You Gotta Eat Me Up (Temp. 3)”, “The House”, “File 81”, “Playing With Fire (Temp. 3)”, “Riverdale (Temp. 5)” , “Summer Season”, “Ozark (Temp. 4)”, “Billions (Temp. 6)”, “The Sinner (Temp. 4)”, “Soy Georgina”, “The Neighbor of the Woman in the Window”, “ Jonathan Van Ness Wants to Know”, “Afloat”, “Feria: Dark Secrets”, “Ada Batista, Scientist (Temp. 2)”, “Angry Birds: Summer Madness”, “Pokemon Great Journeys Series”, “Dota: Dragon's Blood (Book 2)”, “Out of Orbit”, “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation (Temp. 1, 2 and 3)” and “Neymar: The Perfect Chaos”.
  • New in February 2022: “Dark Desire”, “One of Us Is Lying”, “Through My Window”, “Blind Marriage: Japan”, “Blind Marriage (Temp. 2)”, “A Matching Crush 2”, “Back at 15”, “Murderville”, “Sweet Magnolias”, “Ideas for Sale”, “Inventing Anna”, “Space Force (Temp. 2)”, “Toy Boy (Temp. 2)”, “Fetish Love”, “Anne+: The Movie”, “Erax”, “Parallel Hands”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface Returns”, “Madea Returns”, “The Tinder Hustler”, “ Jeen-Yuhs” and “Child of Kamiari Month”.

Netflix 2022: have all the best right in the palm of your hand

You have already downloaded the Netflix 2022 app. know more now about it if you haven't downloaded it on your smartphone. After all, at home, on the way to work or while waiting at the office, what could be better than watching the schedule?

Of course, you can also download the app on your smartTV, on your computer, notebook or tablet. Just go to your app store (Google Play Store or App Store) and download the app for free.

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Ready! Now that you know a little about what's to come, just gather your family and friends, renew your stock of popcorn and guarana and get ready for lots of good emotions. We hope you enjoyed the tips. Have a good time.