Obese baby – Download the app that helps you take care of your baby’s health

Undeniably, talking about the risks of having a obese baby, even while it is small, it can be something very important to you. This information will be relevant not only to you, but also to any mom you know.  


Without a doubt, this is a subject that interests only a part of the population. It certainly interests (a lot) those who are mothers or fathers and also those who work as childcare providers at home or at a school. It is essential to know more.

Certainly, knowing about the health risks for an obese baby and how we can prevent and also take care of it is something you will want to know right now. We invite you to read and share the content of this article, if you wish.

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Some information about obesity in childhood, adolescence and adulthood

Undeniably, obesity has been considered a serious disease for a long time and also something that concerns health-related bodies. The precautions to be taken with an obese baby are no different in relation to this concern. 


In Brazil, it is estimated that it reaches 15% in children, including babies. Not only children are a cause for concern, but also teenagers, whose percentage reaches 8%. However, the drop in this percentage is not a reason to be happy. 

Do you know why? This happens mainly because for every 10 obese teenagers, 8 will continue to be obese into adulthood. You certainly understand that this is a serious matter and you should pay attention to how to reduce this percentage. Keep reading and find out more.

What are the consequences for an obese baby?  

First of all, it is important to know that an obese baby normally becomes so after 6 months, when the phase of no longer feeding exclusively on breast milk begins. Parents should monitor this closely.    

Without a doubt, when parents introduce soft drinks, sweets and other types of sugar into their baby's diet, it greatly favors obesity from the beginning. For some doctors, this parental behavior is unacceptable, but unfortunately it happens. 

Of course, you must know that obesity, for babies, generates a series of risks for their health. However, let's look more closely at what these risks are. Check it out below:     

  • Firstly, obese babies show delays in their movements, something that should be completely natural. In addition, it will certainly take longer for them to sit up and crawl.
  • Secondly, during the breastfeeding phase up to 6 months, if the mother creates the habit of offering her breast to the baby, every time he cries, she will undeniably create the habit of eating without wanting to.
  • Likewise, after 6 months, if the baby gets used to eating without wanting to, mainly because the parents encourage him to do so, the feeding phase is not only compromised, but also harmful to the baby. 
  • Likewise, in the not-so-distant future, babies may suffer from other diseases resulting from obesity, including: some type of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and also disorders of the locomotor system (injuries to the bones, joints , ligaments and also tendons). 

Have you heard about the BLW method to help an obese baby? 

Surprisingly, this is a feeding method that emerged in 2008 and was created by a British nurse. With great success, it has helped to adjust the appropriate diet for an obese baby. Let's understand a little more about this method? 

Without a doubt, the first question is: what do the 3 letters “BLW” mean? In English, they mean “Baby-Led Weaning”. Translating into our Portuguese language, we have “Baby-Guided Weaning”. Do you want to know a little bit more? Definitely yes!

This method mainly aims to introduce a different way of feeding, where the baby picks up food with his or her own hands. Therefore, the food will be cut into pieces or strips for the baby to eat alone. Fantastic, isn't it? 

How about combining the BLW method with responsive eating? 

Undeniably, the good results of the BLW method still do not have scientific proof. However, parents who adhere to this type of methodology to feed their children speak very highly of it. Research this on the internet and see for yourself. 

The benefits shown are: better acceptance of food, greater autonomy developed from a young age, greater variety of foods to be consumed, the formation of a healthier eating habit, and also a lower risk of obesity. 

In responsive feeding, parents encourage babies to try different foods, patiently and without forcing them. No distractions (TV) and, above all, lots of loving and caring conversation. It's a learning moment for the baby.

Discover the app that will help you take better care of your children

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Very good. Now you know the health risks of an obese baby, as well as what to do to prevent this disease in your children. We hope you liked the tips and that they were useful to you. We wish you good luck and see you soon.