Objective phrases for resume first job – Learn more

Want to use objective quotes for resume first job, and thus gain a good position in the professional market? So definitely you should read this article very carefully.


For a person who has never worked, presenting a resume that impresses recruiters ends up being quite a challenge, since there are not many experiences to be added there. Is this your case?

Objective phrases for resume first job is something that should be a constant concern for anyone who has never worked or has done so a few times until today. Wondering how to find your next job? So pay attention to these tips below.

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First of all, why does choosing objective phrases for a first job resume help so much?

Sending a well-made, organized resume that grabs the attention of recruiters at a company is just one part of the process of finding a good job. Many other factors must be taken into account.


Setting an objective to put on your resume is just one of many necessary steps. It is with this clear definition that you can think about choosing objective phrases for your first job resume. We still have other steps to show you.

They are: create a Linkedin account, create a respectable network, take courses that can improve your resume, prepare for the interview, improve your patience and, most importantly, download one or more apps to make your cell phone your own. best ally.

Catho App: ideal for those who want to get a job quickly

In addition to objective phrases for a first job resume, it is important to have an application on your computer or even on your cell phone, from one of the most reputable and well-known companies in Brazil: Catho. This app is available for Android and iOS phones.

You can download and use it for free for 30 days. If you like the results it brings you, you can consider purchasing a monthly subscription. Users look for opportunities within the app or even on Catho's website.

Within the spectacular resources that the platform offers, its users can find vacancies that are most suitable for the objective they are looking for, positions offered, salaries and the location of these opportunities. All this very easily.

Jobs App: another excellent option for you to find your first job

The “Empregos” app (which can be downloaded on iOS or Android smartphones) is also highly appreciated for complementary use with objective phrases for a first job resume.

Its main attribute, widely recognized by its users, is to provide security and reliability at all stages in the search for job opportunities. And the best: to see the opportunities it is not necessary to register.

However, if any of these opportunities interests you and you need to send your resume through the platform, you will need to register. This app offers vacancies even outside the country. Amazing, isn't it?

Some first job resume objective phrases you should use

Getting your first job at a good company is something that should be taken very seriously, especially when we are going through a post-crisis period, where millions of people are looking to reposition themselves in the job market.

More than needing to have a differentiated curriculum, it also needs to be beautiful and pleasing to the eyes of those who read it, because that's the only way you'll be able to increase your chances of being invited to job interviews.

Objective phrases for a first job resume open doors within a selection process. Find out below some of them to put on your resume today:

  1. “I am looking for my first opportunity in the job market, for this reason, I am immediately available to start my professional career in this respectable company.”
  2. “My willpower and ability to learn will be essential for any function in your company, whose objectives are allied to the achievement of better results”.
  3. "I participated in several trainings and courses to improve my skills and I am eager to use this knowledge in a job that allows me to grow professionally and help achieve the results sought by your company".
  4. “I have ease to work in a team and a lot of enthusiasm to learn new skills. I want to use all this in my first job at your company, so that I can grow in the same measure as the positive results that will be generated with my hiring.”  

Some tips previously offered (creating a network on Linkedin and improving skills with free courses) will be essential to meet the objectives proposed in the sentences above. Downloading apps to make a great resume will also help.

Get to know some apps that will help you put together a creative resume

Have you ever heard of "canvas”? If you haven't heard it yet, then record that name and also the names of the other apps that follow below. All of them will complement the need for first job resume objective phrases shared above.

In addition to Canva, you will find many other options to design a beautiful resume. Some of them can be downloaded for free. We recommend that you spend some time researching them on the internet to use all of their features.

Visit our website and check out our tips for courses.

Some examples of apps to prepare a resume are: “Google Doc”, “My Resume”, “Microsoft Word”, Microsoft Power Point” and “Pages”. Visit Google Play Store or App Store and download them right now.