Ômicron – Learn how to prevent yourself from the new variant of the coronavirus

You've probably heard a lot of talk in the media about the "omicron”, the new variant of the coronavirus, isn’t it? But are you on top of everything that is said about it and more, about how to prevent it?


If you don't know much about this topic or just heard one thing here and another thing there, don't worry. We will bring you up-to-date information and, above all, excellent tips for you and your family to effectively prevent yourself.

Not much is known about Ômicron, however, the popular saying goes that "one person forewarned is worth two", so having knowledge and knowing exactly how to prevent yourself can protect your life and that of the people you love. Good reading.

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Let's start from the beginning: what is the difference between Covid19, Coronavirus and Ômicron?

You may have heard about the philosopher “Socrates”. He was one of the wisest and most intelligent men of his time. He said it like this: "Ignorance is the only evil". Ignore means “not knowing or not knowing”. We must seek knowledge about the Omicron.


The first thing to know and understand is the difference between Covid19 and coronavirus. We bet you already know this, but it's always good to reinforce. In a simple and summarized way: "Coronavirus" is a family of viruses and "Covid19" is the disease caused by the virus.

The “Ômicron” is just one, among the many variants of the coronavirus. It was recently discovered (in November/21) in some countries on the African continent. Some cases have already been identified in Brazil, but little is known about it.

What is known about Omicron so far

Going back to talking a little about “searching for knowledge” in order to combat “lack of knowledge, not knowing or ignorance”, the ideal is to seek the correct information, because until now “a lot is said and little is known”.

For this reason, understand that it is too early to talk about deaths or vaccines, as science is still studying the cases that have happened, so this is not the time to despair or spread false or erroneous news.

Whether this new variant is less severe or more severe than the previous variant of the coronavirus, which most of us were vaccinated from, remains to be seen. The World Health Organization is still studying the matter and no deaths have been reported to date.

What should you do to prevent yourself?

It is not just about preventing yourself against Ômicron and Covid19, but about preventing yourself against other illnesses, after all, it has already been found that people with low immunity are more likely to contract diseases.

In summary, if you understand and start looking for knowledge of simple things like: physical exercises, healthy eating, positive ways of thinking and ways to develop your brain, you will certainly be much more protected.

That's what you read. Taking care of your physical and mental health is the best way to prevent yourself against Ômicron, against Covid19 and against any diseases that may arise. Here are prevention and immunity boosting tips:

  1. Study the difference about “nutrition and food”. More than that, try to eat better and always be nourished. Increase consumption of food instead of “food products” (everything that has preservatives, that comes in packaging, that contains chemicals, etc.). You are what you eat. Your organism strengthens, your immunity increases and diseases do not approach. Start right now!
  2. Study about the importance of water (alkaline and ionized). Your organism has more than 70% of water, therefore, when water is lacking, the presence of diseases is much greater. Avoid the consumption of soft drinks and sugar.
  3. Practice physical activities, because your body is your protection. When you lose strength, you also lose autonomy, becoming dependent on other people and also getting sick. Keep your body's health always in order to avoid illness.
  4. Stop watching too many hours of television, especially programs that only bring news of deaths and misfortunes. These programs implant fear, generate anxiety and suffering. These things mess with your brain and lower your immunity, causing illness and leaving your body unprotected. Study about “psychosomatic illnesses” (diseases that are first born within us to later manifest themselves externally). Turn off the TV and turn on your brain, as Professor Ivan Maia says.

Great news: no deaths have been recorded so far

We've said it before and we'll say it again so you can keep this information well in your brain: no deaths have been recorded so far due to the new variant of the Omicron coronavirus.

This is good news, isn't it? This is cause for celebration and you should feel good about it. If you follow the tips above, starting a life change right now, you will be protected against this and any other variant that may appear.

The pandemic that started in 2020 in our country brought about the need for change. Change of mentality, posture and, mainly, habits related to mental and physical health. What have you changed since then? If it hasn't changed, there's still time!

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