Public transport app – Find out which one is the best and download the app 

For the purpose of showing a public transport app that meets your needs, we have prepared this article for you. After all, all of us at some point can make use of it. How about making use of a good app on your cell phone?


Just to exemplify, there are many applications today and the way to evaluate which one is the best becomes very personal. So, understand that the best thing to do here is to find out which is the best application for the region where you live, right?.  

Having a public transport app on your smartphone can save you a lot of time. Especially if you work and study. If the subject interests you, read this article until the end and learn more. 

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Why should you make good use of technology? 

We certainly don't know how old you are, but without a doubt, you must have a cell phone. Undeniably, you must spend part of your time accessing social networks, correct? Of course yes!


First, understand that we have nothing against social media. The idea is to guide you on how to save time in your day-to-day life, so that you can not only move around faster, but also use your cell phone wisely.  

As a result of a good use of a public transport app, you will certainly have more time to enjoy your friends' photos on your smartphone. So get ready for a new phase in your life with these tips.

What are the advantages and benefits of a public transport app?

Surely, you have already managed to identify at least one advantage like the one we wrote above. Just to exemplify, if you are going to have a public transport app on your cell phone, saving time is already the first advantage. 

As a result of this time savings, you can devote more attention to your relationships on social networks or even to your studies, if you are the type of person who uses every available minute of your time to study. 

In this way, we already have your personal life benefited in 2 aspects with the simple use of an app. But, is it really just these two points that will benefit? Of course not! There's definitely more. Follow below: 

  • First of all, this application will allow you to arrive home earlier, without wasting time waiting for the bus or looking for where it will go.
  • As a result, if you have children or are married, you will spend more time with your family. Undeniably, this is a wonderful advantage, agree?
  • Another very relevant point is that the application will allow you to arrive earlier or even at the correct time at your work. 
  • Without a doubt, if you start arriving earlier, you will produce more. For sure, if you're producing more, it won't take long for your boss to realize that and give you a raise.
  • In short, using an application for this purpose will only bring benefits to your personal and professional life. Let's get to know some of them now.

Discover some good public transport app options 

Certainly, if you are in certain regions of Brazil, when reading this article, you will not have much applicability to know about the public transport application options that follow. However, they serve for the big cities and Brazilian capitals.  

First, we bring you the “Ônibus ao Vivo” app. It is available for Android and iPhone phones. Serves the city of São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro. Schedules and routes for trains, buses and subways.  

For those who live or travel frequently to São Paulo, an essential app is the “Metrô de São Paulo Oficial”. Undeniably, it is also available for iPhone and Android. Offers fares, timetables and also the best routes. 

One option is little. Two options is good. But more than three is much better. 

No doubt more than 3 public transport app options is all we want to know, correct. So read on, because we'll undoubtedly save the best options for last. See new app options for you to download right now.

The “Cadê o Ônibus” app is our third tip for you. Free and available for Android and iOS, it is undoubtedly great for those who live in São Paulo, Teresina, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. Know the bus schedules in real time and the best routes.  

Surprisingly, “Cittamobi” is one of the best apps in the category. It is available for more than 300 cities across Brazil and is also free, available to be downloaded and used on iPhone and Android cell phones.

Discover the best app in Brazil for this purpose 

Undeniably, you must have heard of the app “Moovit”. After all, it is not only famous for bringing information about buses, but also about trains, trams, trams, bicycles and combined routes on all of them. Fantastic, isn't it?

First of all, just like its competitors above, it can be downloaded for free, and also, it is available for Android smartphones and iPhones. With it, you can also generate PDFs to consult offline without wasting data.

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The moment you started reading this article, you already knew that you would have everything about the public transport app and that it would be very useful. We hope you enjoyed it and that it is practical in your daily life. See you soon.