Real Estate Auction – Buy your home for half price 

Of course, the theme real estate auction It is something that draws a lot of attention and also arouses the curiosity of most Brazilians. Have you heard about it or are you curious to know how it works? Of course yes!  


Undeniably, there is an amount of information that most people are unaware of and, for this reason, many people are suspicious of facilities. However, a small number of Brazilians benefit from this type of purchase on a daily basis. 

The real estate auction is ranked as one of the best ways to buy houses and apartments worldwide. Here in Brazil it is an excellent deal! If you are thinking about buying your home and want to pay cheaper, read this article.

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Discounts that can reach up to 60% 

That's what you read! Surely, buying your house and also your apartment and paying only 40% or half of what it's worth is a great deal, isn't it? Undoubtedly, this possibility is very real in real estate auctions. 


However, the person who wants to acquire his property in this condition must be prepared to dedicate a minimum of time to study the subject. Especially when it comes to how to identify an official auctioneer. 

Certainly, the possibility of paying half the price for your house and also for your apartment comes with some risks. However, if you take the time to understand how it works, you'll find they're well worth it. In fact, this is wonderful! 

What types of real estate auctions can we find?

In order to make the subject of real estate auctions easier to understand, we are going to use less formal language to refer to the types of auctions that you may encounter. Basically they are divided into “judicial” and “extrajudicial”.

In summary, a judicial auction is one in which the auctioned properties are part of a judicial process. Extrajudicial auction is the one carried out by an initiative of a company, individual or even a bank. Both forms of auction are reliable

You will undeniably find different auction forms to participate in. Just to exemplify, there are “online” auctions (over the internet), “in person” and also “simultaneous” auctions (when they happen online and in person at the same time).

What precautions to take and how to participate?  

Firstly, it is important for you to know that every real estate auction will always have an announcement, that is, the document that brings all the information about it. You must read this document several times and clarify all doubts before participating.

In this sense, you should also research the company that is holding the auction. You can do this on the website of the board of trade in the state where you live. Auctioneers must be registered and have an active registration. If you don't find the auctioneer there, don't participate.   

Undoubtedly, after that you will register on the platform, send some basic documents and wait for your registration to be released. Especially be mindful of “not” making any advance payments. In an auction this does not exist.

Know all the advantages and benefits of the real estate auction 

Firstly, the real estate auction is an excellent opportunity for you to buy your house or apartment at half price. You can often pay even less than that. But of course the advantages do not end there. There's even more!   

Second, you can buy in installments and without interest! Surely you liked it. It is possible to pay up to 25% (plus the auctioneer's commission) in cash and the rest to be paid in up to 30 corrected installments only. That's right, interest free!

Similarly, you don't need to prove income or have a clean name to buy at auction. This happens because the property itself will be the guarantee of payment. Now let’s get to know other advantages and benefits:        

  • First, you won't have to search for endless real estate options. On the auctioneer's website will be all the properties and the conditions under which it will be auctioned. Certainly, if the property interests you, you participate in the auction, otherwise, look for another one. 
  • From the same point of view, not only is the purchase more objective, but also more reliable, because in cases of judicial auctions, you are acquiring a property from the court. Total trust. 
  • Undoubtedly, the fact that, in an auction, it is you (instead of a seller) who will decide the purchase is a great advantage. You decide in the dispute how much you want to pay and that's it.  
  • Likewise, the auction is a great investment. After all, if for some reason the auction is not completed, you can always withdraw the invested amount plus monetary correction, that is, you never lose.

Meet now one of the best auctioneers in Brazil 

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