Simple Christmas Recipes – Learn how to make wonderful Christmas dishes

What can be better than “simple christmas recipes” for you to put on a show in the kitchen at home and impress your whole family with your culinary skills? In our opinion, few things.


Every end of the year around this time is crazy. Family arriving for the party, organizing the house, cleaning, taking care of the children, taking care of the hair, hands, feet. And still having to prepare a supper or lunch for everyone. It's too much!

Bringing simple Christmas recipes was the way we found to help you during this period to have more time for yourselves and still be able to be praised at the end, when each one proves what they did. Are you prepared? Then read the article and learn more.

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In the simple Christmas recipes, pay attention to the starters

What better way to delight your guests or even to prepare the taste buds of your family members than by serving some appetizers among the simple Christmas recipes?


We suggest the famous “Bruschettas” as a first option, but the “traditional” one stands out. Chicken pate is our second tip for you, because just like Bruschetta, the ingredients are cheap and easy to make.

“Breaded brie cheese served with jams”, “black olive pate” and “zucchini pesto” are 3 other wonderful appetizer options for you to rock this Christmas. All of these tips require little prep time.

Also bet on the side dishes for your Christmas dinner or lunch

As we write this article with simple Christmas recipes, our mouths are watering. We bet yours too, right? But we are just at the beginning. There's a lot of delicious stuff yet to come. Follow every word of this article.

“Oven rice with ham and cheese” is a sure bet. Another variation much loved by Brazilians is the “greek rice”. But the star of this period is “Christmas rice”, together with “Piamontese risotto” and “risotto with vegetables”.

To complement, serve dishes such as: “chicken fricassê”, “rostie potato”, “caramelized onions” or “special sausage”. All of them besides very simple, are extremely tasty.

We come to the main course on this night of festivities and joy.

Our! By this time we could hear some stomachs rumbling. It's no wonder, after all, with so many simple Christmas recipes like the ones we're suggesting here, that's the least that can happen, isn't it?

It is important to know that each of these recipes you will be able to find easily on the internet. There are wonderful sites where you can be inspired to prepare each of these options and tips.

After amazing starters and bringing your Christmas dinner or lunch to life with the side dishes, it's time to serve the main course (or should we say, “the main courses”). Check out some tips to get it right:

  1. Our first tip for the main course is the “seasoned and oven-roasted pork loin”.
  2. The second tip, which could well have been the first, is the traditional “roast Christmas turkey”.
  3. The third option is very popular and also traditional among us Brazilians: the “stuffed chester”.
  4. If you want a little more sophistication in your Christmas dinner, then you can try preparing a “cod à Gomes de Sá”.
  5. A “boneless and stuffed chicken” is an excellent idea to prepare.
  6. Our last tip, but no less delicious, is that you also serve a “roast tender”.

Conquer your guests and family by the stomach with these other tips

We also have other fantastic simple Christmas recipe options for you to serve. Each one of them will occupy a special place in the hearts, in the memory and especially in the stomach of the people you love.

“Screw pasta salad”, “traditional vegetable mayonnaise salad”, “chickpea salad”, “cabbage salad with mayonnaise” and “lentil salad”. Each or all of these Christmas Eve options will go very well with your dishes.

We also suggest preparing “Christmas farofa with plenty of carrots”, “farofa with raisins”, “Chester farofa”, “kids farofa” and the star of the time: “Christmas farofa with fruits”.

Access simple Christmas recipes through your smartphone

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Now that you know everything about simple Christmas recipes, you can better organize your end of the year and still have time to take care of yourself. We think we brought you something useful with these tips. We hope you enjoyed it.