Telemarketing calls – Learn how to identify and block calls

First of all, the telemarketing calls for a few years they have been part of our lives. After all, we've all missed a call at some point. Not just from customers, but also from some stranger.


Undeniably, we do not answer for fear that it is a call to offer something. Surely you should know that as of March 10th, telemarketing calls originating from cell phones will have to be identified by the prefix 0303. 

However, not all telemarketing calls will be immediately identifiable. Be that as it may, we can use technology for that! Learn more about this subject, as well as how to protect yourself from these unwanted calls. Good reading.

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What changes for us from now on? 

You certainly understand the need for these telemarketing calls to be identified. Mainly because we all get countless calls during the day. This is just plain nasty.


And not just calls to offer products, but collection calls as well. We are all victims of these persistent attempts to sell over the phone. Therefore, we conclude that Anatel is doing us a favor from now on. 

Just to exemplify, every time a company calls you, the numbers 0303 will appear at the beginning of the call.

The number of telemarketing calls is excessive

Firstly, receiving an excessive number of calls is a real nuisance. Being able to identify, from now on, such calls helps a lot. Not only in order not to answer them, but also to have peace of mind. 

Second, we need to focus on work during the day. Certainly, the reflections of this appear in the questions that involve our productivity. As a result, our employers thank you. 

In summary, certain connections are inconvenient. Whether we are at home or at work. Certainly, you and also millions of people will benefit a lot from this, from now on. 

Did you know that there were already ways to protect yourself from these types of calls?

Surely, you must have heard something about it in the media, right? Surprisingly, this issue exploded into the headlines in December 2021, when normative act 10,413 was approved. 

As soon as we start receiving these calls, we can and should report them on certain channels, such as the “Do not disturb” website. Ever heard of him? Search the internet and understand how it works. 

As a result of this nuisance, some people also file complaints on consumer protection channels. Mainly, Procon acts in this sense. Learn how to do in these cases: 

  • First, register your cell phone number on the Procon website for the state where you live. Each state has a different number, so search the internet using your computer as well as your smartphone.
  • Second, you access the blocking page that will be on the Procon website, thus registering your smartphone number. Enter all the data requested there, not only the mandatory ones, but all of them in detail.
  • Thirdly, click to register and wait for the confirmation message to appear, informing you to wait 30 days to block calls from that number. At the end, click on “I am aware” to finish. 

What else can you do to stop telemarketing calls?

Surely you know or have heard of some apps for this, correct? Current technology offers many options in this regard. However, it's worth researching them all to find out which one is best for you.

First of all, it is important to remember that the applications to block telemarketing calls that we will show you here are the most famous. Certainly, if you search in depth, you will find more than the number brought here.

Therefore, we suggest you search about the following apps: “Sync.Me”, “Hiya”, “Truecaller” and “Mr. Number”. In conclusion, they are all good. However, as always, we've saved the best app, in our opinion, for last.

Discover the best app to block unwanted calls

Without a doubt, the best app is “WhosCall”. Surely you must have heard of him before. In addition to being free, it is also available to download on Android phones, as well as iPhones. 

Just to exemplify, how good it is, know that it offers a differentiated service to users. It not only identifies telemarketing calls, but also numbers that usually apply scams through calls.

Visit our website and check out our tips for courses.

If you are willing to download the database that the app has, you will be more protected. This happens because it also works offline. Don't waste any more time, go download the app right now and stop receiving unwanted calls.