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Do you know or have you ever heard of TV Evangelize? We are sure so, as well as he likes the programming and is enchanted by everything he hears there, after all, since it appeared, 10 years ago, it has enchanted many people.


Daily, it offers a program that aims to influence people positively, through the gospel, with its creator at the head of the entire organization: Father Reginaldo Manzotti.

If you've never heard or don't know about TV Evangelizar, be aware of the information we'll share below. If you seek a change in your life through prayer, read the article until the end and learn more.

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Do you know how and when TV Evangelizar appeared??

In the year 1994, the “Association Evangelizing is Necessary” was created, which was created by Father Reginaldo Manzotti, in the city of Curitiba, in the state of Paraná. His goal was to get the gospel to as many people as possible.


In December 2011, TV Evangelizar was created, when the then TV Lumen, coordinated by PUC-PR, ceded to Father Reginaldo Manzotti and Associação Evangelizar é Escolha, the station's channel.

And since its inception, offering a very differentiated programming, based on a lot of faith and prayer, the channel is available to everyone through the internet or by TV signal throughout the state of Paraná.

Know a little more about its founder

The founder and coordinator of TV Evangelizar, as we have seen before, is Father Reginaldo Mazotti. Do you know or have you heard about him and especially about his mission and purpose in life? Learn a little more about him below.

This is a man who dedicates his life to bringing the gospel to God's people. And he does this through his many articles and books written and published, song lyrics and the many songs he composes and sings. There are 12 CDs and 4 DVDs recorded.

He is currently one of the most followed priests on social media and the internet throughout Brazil and the world, in addition to having been chosen as “Ambassador of the Pastoral of the Elderly throughout Brazil”.

Know that many lives have already been transformed thanks to him

It is important to know that Father Reginaldo Mazotti dedicates his life to transforming other lives. And this is a transformation towards a better life, a more spiritualized life based on doing good to oneself and others.

When he composes his lyrics, his articles or his many books he has written, he seeks to use simple and direct language to convey the teachings of the gospel in a way that his many followers will understand.

All of this is aimed at your own spiritual growth and that of your faithful followers. Daily he presents TV and radio programs, which are retransmitted in many stations in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Portugal, Spain, United States and others.

What content does this wonderful station offer?

If you haven't accessed it yet or know little about TV Evangelizar, know that it offers programming and content for all ages and types of people. That's exactly what you read, children and adults are impacted by his teachings.

For the children there are several characters, with main emphasis on “Manzottinho”, whose teachings provide our little ones with good examples and develop a Christian way of thinking.

For adults, programming based on radio (AM and FM) and TV programming, a calendar full of events, prayers and an open channel of communication with all members.

You can access Evangelizar TV in several ways

The most common way to access programming is through the website. know more accessing the platform and have access to incredible content and discover how many access options you will find

Did you know that you can also download the “ASSOCIAÇÃO EVANGELIZAR” app for free on your Android or iOS smartphone and have the best of Evangelizar TV in the palm of your hand? See what you can find in the app:

  1. You can follow all radio and television programming online and directly, in real time.
  2. You can also make your prayer requests to Father Reginaldo Mazotti every day.
  3. Make online purchases of all products sold (CDs, DVDs, books, etc.).
  4. You can refer a friend to join virtually and for free.
  5. You can also make donations to help the Associação Evangelizar é Escolha.
  6. And, finally, you can interact at any time with the TV Evangelizar team.

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Ready! Now you know everything about Evangelizar TV and how you can access and watch all of its programming. So don't waste any more time and start changing your life for the better right now. We hope you enjoyed it. See you soon.