Free UFC – Learn how to watch the best fights without spending anything

Would you like to know how to watch the fights of UFC free? Is it possible to have access to the best fights through your smart TV, computer, notebook, tablet or cell phone? How is this done?


The above are interesting questions. After all, for some years now this sport has aroused the interest of women and men all over the world to participate, and it has been popular with everyone, regardless of age.

If there are ways to watch UFC for free, of course you'd want to know how to do it, wouldn't you? So stay tuned for the tips that follow below and read this article until the end and know more about it. Good reading.

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Before knowing how to watch UFC for free, let's know a little more about it

That's right! Before discovering ways to watch UFC for free, it's always good to understand why it became a worldwide phenomenon and, of course, to know a little about its history. We are certain that you will like this information.


The acronym UFC stands for “Ultimate Fight Champion”. It is an American committee that takes care of the various martial arts practiced. He is also well known for MMA – Mixed Martial Arts. Promotes fights of various styles: boxing, karate, muay thai, jiu-jitsu, etc.

All fights take place inside the “octagon” (a closed ring with bars that have 8 sides) and have specific rules. The fights are 3 or 5 rounds with 5 minutes duration.

Evolution: From nearly limitless violence to a much-loved fighting style

Anyone who watched UFC fights a few years ago could never have imagined that there would be as many fans around the world as there are today. This sport modality has evolved so much that we are here giving tips on how to watch the UFC for free, as it is a worldwide passion today.

This style was created in the early 90's (1993 to be exact in the USA) and its rules, at the time, were that they could not attack the eyes with the fingers or bite. Everything else counts, including attacking the genitals. There were no categories and it was very violent.

However, from the beginning, people saw small and thin fighters defeat the strong and big ones, like the Brazilian Royce Gracie. Over the years there have been changes in the rules and it has become the success it is today.

Discover the best sites for you to watch the UFC for free

It is necessary to understand first of all that, to watch UFC for free, you must be willing to see a little (or a lot, depending on the site) advertisement. It's these advertisers who pay you for the programming you see for free.

In addition to advertisements, many sites may still require you to register, as they can also make some offers available via email and SMS. That way they also earn something.

The suggestions that we have brought below for you have been selected from among the best. What does that mean? It's just that some have "less" advertisements and sometimes they may even dispense with registration. Are they:

  1. RMC Sports: our first site tip is to access the Paulínia portal. There are several options on this site and you should search for “Fight Cards”. The site itself will sync the fight live for you to watch or you can access other fights that have already happened. With it there is the option for you to share the link. It's an excellent option.
  2. Multichannel TV Online: this is the second option, where you can watch a variety of programs, UFC being just one of them. Choose the channel and enjoy.
  3. Superfights: is another site option where you can watch UFC fights live or those that have already happened for free. You can use the platform itself or search for your channel on You tube.
  4. Two other excellent options for sites to watch fight events online are the sites “Asassir TV Online Gratis” and “Canais TV”. Search for them in your preferred internet browser.

Canal Combate: paid and free options so you don't miss anything

The Combate channel is today, without a doubt, the best option for you to watch all the transmissions of this event. Through it you can follow not only the Ultimate Fight Champion (UFC) events, but also other fighting championships.

To access this channel in a paid way, you must do it through a TV operator. Maybe you are already a subscriber to some of them: Net-Claro, Oi, Vivo, Sky or Algar Telecom.

The options for accessing the combat channel and watching UFC for free are the same as you saw above, that is, you access the websites of “Superlutas”, “RMC Sports”, “Multicanals” or “Assistir TV Online Gratis” and look for the channel.

Discover some apps to follow your favorite fights

Of course the app "Combat” will be our first nomination. After all, the greatest coverage of these fights and also of other championships can be found here. The app is available for iOS and Android phones. Download right now.

Other good app options for you to download and watch all the fights through your smartphone are: “UFC app”, “MMA app” and “M1 app – Global TV”. All of them can also be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

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Ready! Now you know everything about how to watch the UFC for free and also, if you want, how to make a monthly investment so you don't miss any fights, if you want. We hope you enjoyed our tips. Have a good time.