What is the best app to learn English for free? – Download the app

How about finding out what is the best app to learn english free and start learning a new language today? We think this is very interesting and will be very useful for your personal and professional life.


The simple fact of learning English, by itself, is already an excellent way to stand out among your friends and, even more so, in a professional environment. Not to mention that understanding the dialogues of movies and series is going to be great, isn't it?

Find out which is the best app to learn English for free and start changing your life for the better today. Keep reading this article until the end and learn more about it. Good reading.

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Find out which are the most spoken languages around the world.

When it comes to finding the best app to learn English for free, it's very important to understand the context of a second or third language in your professional and personal life.


In a globalized world, opportunities to work and live outside Brazil may arise. Be prepared, as English is the most widely spoken first language in the world, being the official language in 21 countries. And what are the other languages?

In the order in which they are most commonly spoken, after English are: “Chinese”, “Hindi”, “Spanish”, “French”, “Arabic”, “Bengali” and “Russian”. If you're willing to know more, research them and maybe start studying them.

Why can learning one or more languages help you?

Now that you know that English leads the ranking of the most spoken languages in the world, it is clear why we are suggesting that you find out which is the best app to learn English for free, isn't it?

And, as important as knowing “which app is the best”, it is also important to know the advantages and benefits of learning a new language. We're sure you've already thought about this. The possibilities for improvement are incredible.

We'll talk about just one benefit here: making more money! That's what you read! Research shows that people who speak fluent English earn wages up to 60% higher than someone who doesn't. What did you think of this information?

Other advantages and benefits of learning English

We are sure that now it makes sense to you the importance of finding out which is the best app to learn English for free. But don't think this is all about just making more money.

Making money, for some, is perhaps the most important benefit, however, learning English has other advantages and benefits. Among them a possibility to meet people in other parts of the world.

Also, when you learn a new language, you activate parts of your brain that increase your intelligence. Studying English will make you richer, more sociable and will make you smarter. This is too much, isn't it?

Finding the best app to learn English for free is not an easy task.

Now we have reached a very challenging point in the mission of knowing which is the best app to learn English for free. And do you know why this is so challenging? If your answer was “no”, find out now.

With the emergence of technology, computers, the internet, smartphones and applications, everything evolved quickly, leaving people with hundreds or thousands of options. So how do you know which is the best option?

For us, there is no other option than, first of all, getting to know the apps by name, reading a little about them, researching a little more and then testing one or all of them. Find out now which are the main ones and which we think is the best:

  • The first app we present to you is called “Lingualeo”. Its main feature is to offer students and users a fun way to teach English. In addition to the mobile app, there is also a web version.
  • The second app we bring is “Duolingo”. Ideal for those who want to learn English in a different, fun way, using games for that. It is important to know that it is not just English that the app offers.
  • As a third option we present the “Unlock Your Brain”. The proposal here is to encourage learning by putting words in English so you can unlock your cell phone screen. If you choose the right answer, you get congratulations and learn a new vocabulary word. If you make a mistake, the phone will also unlock the keypad, but you will receive a warning. In any case, you will learn.

What is the best app to learn English for free in our opinion?

In our opinion, theGoogle translator” is the answer you are looking for to find out which is the best app to learn English for free. This may seem strange to you, but below we will better explain why.

In addition to English, the app offers translation into 107 other languages and, in addition, you are already used to using Google in your daily life. For this reason, to help with learning, without spending anything, download this app.

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Ready! Now that you've come this far, you already have many tips to change your life and start learning English, which you've already discovered is very important. We hope you enjoyed it. Good luck and good learning.