Whatsapp Business 2022 – Discover the advantages of the application

You may have already heard about the Whatsapp Business 2021, Is not it? If you haven't heard of it yet, don't worry, because we're going to tell you everything about this unique version of the most used application in your life.


After all, since its inception, this messaging application has revolutionized the way we interact with people around the world and, in recent times, also at work.

Knowing the differences between the version of Whatsapp Business 2022 and the traditional Whatsapp is quite important and it may be that at the end of this article you will also decide to use it in your daily life. Read the article until the end and find out more. Good reading.

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Discover a little about the history of the most exciting application of recent times

Before continuing talking about Whatsapp Business 2022, it is very appropriate to tell a little about its history. Its emergence took place in 2009 and, since then, it has revolutionized the way people communicate.


This happened because since its birth, it has offered a different way for people to communicate, evolving every year. Originally, it was intended to just send text messages, being an alternative to SMS.

However, he surpassed himself, to the point that a few years later he aroused the interest of Facebook and was bought by it. Today it is estimated that it has billions of users and brings countless advantages. Let's see what they are?

It's an advantage on top of advantages

The Whatsapp application, since its creation, has evolved in a frightening and constant way. Its advantages and benefits go beyond the conventional barrier, that is, it exceeds the expectations of its users.

With it you can send text messages, send media files (photos and videos), make voice calls (which are often better than conventional calls) and video calls to anywhere in the world.

All this for free! We think this is fantastic, don't you? Such is his personal success that he has also achieved it in business. That's why we're here talking about Whatsapp Business 2022.

And when did this new version of the application appear?

Although we are dealing with Whatsapp Business 2022 and all the advantages and differences it brings, the “Business” version (which in English means business) appeared in 2018, that is, 9 years after its appearance.

In this new version that also revolutionized the way companies do business, today there are almost 200 million users. Still within the business world, there are 2 apps aimed at companies.

Among them we have the most used one, which is Whatsapp Business (free) and we also have the Whatsapp Business API app, which is a paid version with more features available.

What are the differences between Whatsapp Business 2022 and conventional Whatsapp?

You already understand that there are currently 3 versions of the application available to users around the world and that the first version is intended for common use and the other is intended for the business world.

However, there is much more to say than such a simple explanation about them. We always make a point of showing you everything you can expect from this app.

The two versions of the application (here we will not talk about the API version, which is paid) have similarities and differences that must be understood in order to choose one of them. Read carefully and find out what they are:

  • As far as similarities are concerned, the two applications “Whatsapp” and “Whatsapp Business 2022” offer the possibility for their users to use them on their cell phones and on the web version (which makes typing more practical, using the computer keyboard to do so). ); Furthermore, users communicate for free with everyone in their contact list, being able to receive and send documents, stickers, media files (videos and photos). The interface of both is user-friendly and you can back up your data and files to the cloud.
  • If we want to address how they differ from each other, just focus on what the Business version offers, that is, something more robust with small businesses in mind. With it you can have a more professional profile, linking a website, email, company location, etc. For non-business hours, you can create an automatic response message, chat with accounts that are not in your contact list, standardize some quick responses and even categorize your conversations.

Have Whatsapp Business 2022 right in the palm of your hand

We really like it and use the app “WhatsApp Business” every day and we can guarantee that we are very satisfied with it. You can download this version by searching for it in the app store on your Android or iOS smartphone.

In fact, if you wish, you can have both downloaded on your cell phone, using one for work and the other for your personal life. It's a great way to separate work from your personal life. This is wonderful.

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Ready! If you've made it this far, you should already be up to date with everything about Whatsapp Business 2022 and everything it can do for you and your company. We hope you liked the tips. See you soon.