Where to safely download free movies – See the best sites and apps

A very important question: where to download free movies safely? We are sure that at least once a day this question is asked by thousands of people in Brazil. You're one of them?


Some of us are passionate about movies and use this pastime at different times of the day, such as: waiting for the doctor or dentist, on the bus, at home, during meals or even on weekends.

No matter the moment, knowing where to download free movies safely is definitely a milestone in the lives of those who simply love watching series and movies on TV or on their own smartphone. Did you like the subject? Then read this article and learn more.

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Discover the best site to download free movies safely

The best sites where you can safely download free movies are listed below and you can use them in an easy and intuitive way, however, before you continue with this reading, we advise you to pay attention to the warnings at the end of this article.


It is common that you pay attention to the word “free”, but you can miss the word “security”. For this reason, we ask you to see, at the end, the programs and apps so that you can do this safely on your computer and smartphone.

The first tip here is “G1Filmes”. It is very popular because, in addition to being free, it is also very fast and very easy to use. Of course, the speed will depend a lot on your connection, but most times the download takes 1 minute.

Discover 3 other options for sites where you can safely download free movies

Did you think we were going to leave you with just one option where to safely download free movies? Of course not! We'll leave you here with other excellent sites and below, some apps where you can download your favorite movies and series.

The “Putlockers” site is also very easy and comfortable to find series and movies, as it offers a search classified by genre or even by release date. Amazing, isn't it? The options offered within the platform are vast.

“Starflix” and “NetFilmes” are our two other suggestions for you. Starflix has been offering movies and series since 2014 and registration is required. Netfilms is pretty fast paced and has a full range across all genres.

Some popular apps that you can download the movies you want to watch

If you want to watch movies on your cell phone, you may already have these apps downloaded to your phone, but you might not know that they were among the best tips on where to safely download free movies.

The first option may surprise you. It's the Netflix app. That's right! Whether on your cell phone or on your computer, the platform provides the option for you to download to watch later. It is very useful for those who want to download episode by episode of their favorite series.

Other excellent app options are: “You Tube”, “Google Play Filmes”, ByClick Downloader” and “Newest Movie HD”. Each of them offers great resources for you to download the movies you want.

Important notice: always have an antivirus on your computer

Before figuring out where to safely download free movies to your computer, “it's very important” that you have one or more antivirus programs to protect your data. We repeat: “this is very important”!

The reason why we stress this is because “most of these platforms remain active because of ads”. After all, “so that you and others can download these movies for free”, some advertisers invest in these platforms.

So, look for some antiviruses like: “Norton”, “BitDefender”, “Kaspersky”, “McAfee” or “Avast”. Some of these options have free versions and others are paid. Research them.

One more important warning: always have an antivirus on your cell phone

Ever heard of the app?ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus”? It is one of the 4 options to protect your cell phone that we will bring you below. After all, many people use their smartphone much more than a computer.

For that reason, we give you once again “this very important warning: always have an antivirus on your cell phone” so that you can know where to download free movies safely. This is quite relevant. Be aware of this. Discover 4 good protection options:

  1. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus: When you download this app, it will offer you the Premium version for a 30-day free trial. After that period the Premium version will be paid, but you can only use the free version which is quite efficient too.
  2. Bitdefender Mobile Security: this is your second option to protect your smartphone. It is a very light app, which does not compromise the other functions of your cell phone. It scans each and every program before it is installed on your device.
  3. McAfee Mobile Security: the third option for you and your cell phone has anti-theft features, such as remote blocking of all your device's functions and location alert. Also, in the free version, it offers protection for unknown Wi-Fi networks, contact list backup creation and an option to optimize battery consumption. Amazing, isn't it?
  4. The fourth and final protection option for your mobile phone is Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. It is highly appreciated by its users and highly praised for its efficient threat detection system. It has been awarded a few times because of the protection it offers against viruses. An advantage to the free version of the app is that it doesn't display ads.

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All the options we brought you above can be found in free and paid versions. To protect your phone, download only one of them and run periodic scans. We hope you enjoyed the tips. See you soon.