Where to watch Matrix movie – Learn all about the new movie in the series

A lot of people are wondering where to watch Matrix movie. You're one of them? Do you also want to know everything about the new film in the series that promises to leave everyone watching with their eyes glued to the screen?


We are sure that you fit into this universe of thousands of Matrix fans. After all, all films involving this series have been very well received by the public and we always like to share useful content for you.

Knowing where to watch The Matrix movie can represent a watershed in your life, especially if you are one of the many passionate about movies and series. So, prepare a movie, some popcorn, read the article and find out everything about the new movie in the series. Good reading.

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In all there will be 4 feature films from December 2021

That's right! Before telling you everything about where to watch the Matrix movie, it is important for you to know that, in all, after the release of the movie “Matrix Resurrections”, there will be 4 feature films that will make up the Matrix series.


However, the “Matrix universe” is much bigger than the 4 feature films. Did you know that? Maybe not, but rest assured, in this article we will tell you everything to expand your knowledge about this phenomenon at the box office.

In addition to what was and will be released in cinemas, the Matrix series has a few animated short films, which were called “Animatrix”. Watching the shorts and feature films in chronological order will help you understand everything better.

Know the chronological order before knowing where to watch The Matrix movie

Knowing where to watch The Matrix movie is really very important, especially for people who are passionate about movies and series like you and us. Few things make us more satisfied than seeing a successful production, right?

And film productions are very successful when they manage to charm viewers eager for a good story, especially in a series that, despite being a film, deals with important issues like The Matrix.

So that this phenomenon is more than entertainment, but also makes sense in your head, we recommend that you see all the short and feature films released within the Matrix Universe. Check out their release order below:

  1. The Second Renaissance – Part 1 (short film)
  2. The Second Renaissance – Part 2 (short film)
  3. A Detective Story (short film)
  4. Matrix (the first feature film and a box office success)
  5. Once Upon a Boy (short film)
  6. The Final Flight of Osiris (short film)
  7. Matrix Reloaded (the second feature film)
  8. Matrix Revolutions (the third feature film)
  9. Beyond Reality (short film)
  10. The World Record (short film)
  11. The Sensitive Robot (short film)
  12. A Soldier's Heart (short film)
  13. Matrix Resurrections (the fourth feature film released in December 2021 in Brazil)

Let's remember a little about the Matrix trilogy?

Of course, before knowing where to watch the Matrix movie, it's important to remember a little about what happens in the 3 previous movies. That way you won't be lost when the excitement starts rolling in the fourth film in the series.

In the first feature film (Matrix, released in 1999) we were introduced to Neo (Keanu Reeves). He is a computer programmer who has doubts about reality and ends up discovering that he is a victim of the Matrix, an illusion of reality.

In the second film (Matrix Reloaded, 2003), Neo continues to lead the revolt against computers. In the third (Matrix Revolutions, 2003), Neo is trapped between reality and the Matrix and reality. It's a lot of emotion and adrenaline, isn't it?

Find out where to watch The Matrix movie and get ready for a world of emotions and knowledge

Of course, knowing where to watch the Matrix movie is not privileged information that is kept under lock and key, however, it has its value, after all, all the films in the trilogy already released and the new film deal with interesting and complex themes.

Interesting because they hold your attention from beginning to end and complex because philosophers and scholars have been dealing with them for some time, such as Plato's “Myth of the Cave” or René Descartes' “I think, therefore I exist”.

You can watch the fourth feature film in the Matrix series in theaters starting December 22, 2021 and also on the same date on the HBO Max streaming platform.

Which app can you download to watch the fourth movie in the series?

That's a really important question! Download the app”HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies” on your cell phone, computer, notebook or tablet. The app is free to download and available for iOS and Android phones.

A very relevant piece of information that I am sure you already know: in order to use the application, you will need to subscribe to the platform, accessing the Official HBO website. You can access the channel through Amazon Prime Video and other platforms.

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Ready! Now that you know everything about where to watch The Matrix movies, you can prepare to be hooked back into the Matrix. We hope you enjoyed all the tips in the article. We're sure it is. See you soon.